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Mandrosoa Guest House: A haven of peace for Budget Travelers

Nestled in the vibrant city center of Antananarivo, merely 2 kilometers from the "0" kilometer point that marks the historical heart and the railway station of the capital, lies a true oasis of tranquility and tradition: the Mandrosoa Guest House. This magnificent traditional home, bathed in light and surrounded by a vast, blooming garden, presents an ideal getaway for those looking to combine cultural immersion and serenity, all within a manageable budget.

Baomby: One of the Top Ten Kitesurfing Spots in the World.

According to Red Bull, Baomby, a spot known as the "Emerald Sea Lagoon," stands out as one of the best kitesurfing spots in Madagascar, if not in the world. This exceptional bay, stretching over 12 km and bordered by three paradisiacal islands, offers dreamlike conditions for sliding sports enthusiasts. Compared to iconic locations like Dunkirk for its vastness, Baomby distinguishes itself with its exotic setting and ideal weather conditions, making it a top destination for kitesurfers seeking adrenaline and natural beauty.

Art, a mirror of the soul: Self-expression and revelation of our being

Art is a powerful means of personal expression and a reflection of the artist's identity, a concept magnificently illustrated by Madame Zo's exhibition "Bientôt je vous tisse tous" at Fondation H. This exhibition celebrates the work of Zoarinivo Razakaratrimo, known as Madame Zo, an icon of the Malagasy art scene. Her art, centered on the ancestral Malagasy tradition of weaving, offers a window onto the artist's soul and her vision of the world.

Reduced visa fees

Great news for travelers looking to explore the beautiful island of Madagascar in 2024! The Embassy of Madagascar in France has just announced a reduction in the entry visa fees, offering an economic opportunity for foreign travelers.

Malagasy Serenity, Inner Diving through Yoga and Meditation.

Image par Jessica P. de Pixabay
A yoga and meditation holiday in Madagascar is more than just a tropical escape. It's an invitation to plunge deeply into oneself while surrounded by nature and the island's soothing energy. Madagascar offers an ideal backdrop for inner transformation and complete rejuvenation, for all levels of experience. This decipherment takes you on an exemplary journey to one of the island's centers.

Magic captured at the Musée de Photographie d’Antananarivo.

The Museum of Photography, a cultural treasure trove rich in history, is located in the heart of Madagascar, in Antananarivo. This institution offers a journey immortalizing key moments in Malagasy history. It is a living chronicle. Each theme contributes to a museum experience in its own dedicated space. Facets of Madagascar's history, culture and nature are presented through the prism of photography.

Travelling to Madagascar on a budget.

When you're traveling to Madagascar on a budget, there are plenty of opportunities to explore while saving money. Recommendations on accommodation, means of transport, restaurants and free activities are all at your fingertips. You'll have plenty of ideas for enjoying your trip without spending a fortune. However, there are a few safety rules to bear in mind.