Birdwatching in Madagascar

Real sanctuary of the nature, madagascar is a big ornithological site .As opposed to other African countries, Madagascar has relatively few species of birds, only 265 species are recorded. However, Madagascar has the most endemic genera, 37 and its 120 endemic species include 5 endemic families and 1 endemic subfamily. And 25 other interesting species belong to genera unique to the islands of the Indian Ocean.

When to come?

The classic period for birdwathing in Madagascar is from September to December, this period is the beginning of the rainy seasons, during this period the birds are more active and noisy. However, other birdwatchers prefer to come to Madagascar during July when the weather is still cool, dry and comfortable to observe species that are unique to Madagascar.

Most visited   sites:

 Lowland Rainforest: Masoala National Park, Andohahela National Park.

We can find: Madagascar Serpent Eagle, Brown Mesite, Red-breasted Coua,Madagascar Red Owl, Short-legged Ground-roller, Scaly Ground-roller, Dusky Tetraka (no regular sites currently known) ,Red-tailed Newtonia,Helmet Vanga,Bernier’s Vanga.

Mid-altitude rainforest: Andasibe/Périnet and Mantadia National Park, Ranomafana National Park.

We can find : Madagascar Wood Rail, Blue Coua, Red-fronted Coua, Collared Nightjar , Short-legged Ground-roller, Pitta-like Ground-roller , Common Sunbird Asity , Velvet Asity, Green Jery , Spectacled Tetraka , Wedge-tailed Tetraka, Rand’s Warbler , White-throated Oxylabes , Dark Newtonia , Red-tailed Vanga , Tylas Vanga,Nuthatch Vanga, Crossley’s Vanga, Ward’s Vanga , Madagascar Starling, Nelicourvi Weaver , Forest Fody.

Higher-elevation rainforest: Marojejy and Ranomafana National Parks , Anjozorobe , Maromizaha.

We can find: Rufous-headed Ground-roller, Yellow-bellied Sunbird Asity, Forest Rock Thrush, Brown Emu-tail, Grey-crowned Tetraka ,Madagascar Yellowbrow , Cryptic Warbler.

Eastern mid-altitude wetlands: Matsaborimena Lake, Torotorofotsy , Mantadia National Parks , Anjozorobe , Vohiparara.

We can find: Madagascar Grebe, Meller’s Duck, Madagascar Pochard , Madagascar Rail , Slender-billed Flufftail, Madagascar Snipe , Grey Emu-tail.

Western dry forest: Ampijoroa (Ankarafantsika National Park) , Bemaraha National Park, Kirindy , Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park.

We can find : Banded Kestrel , White-breasted Mesite , Tsingy Wood Rail, Coquerel’s Coua , Crested Coua , Madagascar Pygmy Kingfisher, Madagascar Hoopoe , Schlegel’s Asity , Appert’s Tetraka , Long-Billed Tetraka , Common Newtonia , Rufous Vanga , Van Dam’s Vanga, Sickle-Billed Vanga , Hook-billed Vanga , White-Headed Vanga.

Southern Spiny forest and adjoining gallery forest: Ifaty, St Augustin, Anakao , Tsiamanampetsotsa National Park, Cap Ste Marie Special Reserve , Andohahela National Park, Berenty.

We can find : Madagascar Cuckoo-hawk , Subdesert Mesite, Long-tailed Ground-roller , Madagascar Sandgrouse , Verreaux’s Coua , Running Coua,Littoral Rock , Thrush , Thamnornis, Archbold’s Newtonia , Subdesert Brush Warbler,Sickle-billed Vanga , Red-shouldered Vanga , Lafresnaye’s Vanga.

Western wetlands: Ampijoroa , Betsiboka Estuary , Lake Kinkony, Lake Bedo, Wetlands around Ifaty , Lake Tsimanampetsotsa.

We can find : Madagascar Grebe , Madagascar Heron , Madagascar Pond Heron ,  Madagascar Sacred Ibis , Madagascar Teal , Madagascar Fish Eagle , Sakalava Rail , Madagascar Jacana.

Hightland grassland and Savanna: Horombe Plateau, Ambohitantely

We can Find: Madagascar Harrier (rare), Madagascar Partridge, Madagascar Buttlonquail , Madagascar Lark.

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