Delicious Malagasy menus

In addition to the beaches, exotic landscapes and endemic species, Madagascar’s cuisine is well worth exploring. Mingle with Malagasy gastronomic experiences and discover its secrets for unrivalled gustatory memories. Tasty and unique, try the Malagasy specialty dishes served on site, whether traditional, fusion or upscale.

The taste of Malagasy dishes.

Its culinary specialties affect every region of Madagascar. Zebu-based dishes such as kitoza (dried or braised meat) and kebabs characterize the south of the country. Seafood dishes, such as vegetables sautéed with pork and seafood, or with coconut, are more common in the north. Romazava (meat and bredes stew), ravitoto (a cassava-based dish) and vary amin’anana (rice with brèdes) are typical. Fried dishes include banana fritters and « mofo anana » (salted cake fried with watercress and tomato, with or without chili pepper).

Focus on typical Malagasy dishes in traditional settings.

La Varangue :
Source : Hotel Restaurant La Varangue

Renowned for its Malagasy cuisine, « La Varangue à Antananarivo » offers traditional dishes such as Romazava, Ravitoto and Vary amin’anana. And don’t forget the panoramic view.

Chez Maggie :

At « Chez Maggie » in Morondava, enjoy fresh seafood and traditional Malagasy dishes. Fish simmered in coconut, « vary amin’anana », and vegetable Achards are on the list of mouth-watering delights.

Radama Hotel Antananarivo :

The « Tatao » restaurant at the Radama Hotel in Antananarivo is a popular option for those curious about Malagasy cuisine. It offers unique culinary practices in terms of typical gastronomic know-how.

When cultures surprise each other at your table, a culinary harmony of fusion menus.

Chez Madame Chabaud Mahajanga :

  « La Taverne de Mme Chabaud » is by far the best restaurant in Mahajanga. Dishes are prepared with care, and the area is renowned for its seafood dishes. Tucked away in a small street, simple on the outside, it’s beautiful on the inside, with a mix of classic French and local cuisine.

Mad Zébu :

« La Mad zébu » in Belo sur Tsiribihina offers a meeting point for before and after the tsingy. Its cuisine features a combination of Malagasy and French-influenced menus. Ranking among the best in Madagascar, savor its excellent dishes in an extremely prodigious location.

Notorious high-end practices.

  • « La Varangue in Antananarivo », holds its reputation for refined Malagasy dishes, and its vision submitted from the restaurant. His dishes smell of quality ingredients.
  • « Le Sakamanga » in Antananarivo is renowned for its Malagasy and international fusion dining. Using distinguished quality inputs, find its singular dishes of creations with their dedicated services.

Explore the Routes Nationales and markets to unearth the unexpected secrets of Madagascar’s authentic dishes.

  • Another good idea is to try the street food markets, where you’ll discover many dishes and gastronomies that are simply Malagasy.
  • On the main roads, gargotes provide a chic place to sample authentic Malagasy dishes. Small local restaurateurs mainly serve all the characteristic dishes listed above.
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