Diego Suarez Madagascar

Diego Suarez, also known as Antsiranana, is a city located in the north of Madagascar, known for its diversity of attractions and its exceptional geographical location offering breathtaking scenery.The city is surrounded by four beautiful bays – Cul-de-sac Gallois Bay, Baie des Français, Baie des Cailloux Blancs and Baie du Tonnerre – which form a four-leaf clover 156 km long. Diego Suarez Bay is one of the largest in the world and is considered one of the most beautiful.

Diego Suarez has played an important role in the history of navigation, trade and warfare due to its deep waters. Visitors can discover traces of this era in the city by exploring the colonial fortifications, old warehouses and houses of the old town.The Diego Suarez region is also rich in biodiversity with the Tsaratanana massif, the highest peak in Madagascar at 2,874 metres, which includes Maromokotro. Visitors can discover a variety of nature between beaches, tropical forests and karst formations. The Montagne d’Ambre National Park, located close to the town, is a must for nature lovers, with waterfalls, volcanic lakes, tropical forests and a variety of wildlife.

Discover the city of Diego Suarez :

Diego Suarez is a city that invites visitors to travel back in time through its different districts. Walking through the upper town, one discovers the military district where the cemetery of the French and English who died during the Second World War is located. The cobbled streets of the French-named city centre, with its large brick buildings, arcades and verandas, have a special atmosphere. The city has retained traces of the Indo-Pakistani influence which are reflected in its architecture.

To discover the local life, you have to go to the popular districts of Tanambao where the markets and the animated streets are located. This is where you can experience the real atmosphere of Diego Suarez. The streets are full of small, colourful shops and street vendors selling a variety of local products. The people are warm and welcoming, ready to share their culture and daily life with visitors.

What to see in Diego Suarez ? :

If you are looking for things to discover in Diego Suarez, you will not be disappointed! Along the corniche, you can admire the Pain de Sucre, an uninhabited conical islet that is a symbol of the city and lies in the middle of the Baie des Français. You can also see the Montagne des Français, a historical, archaeological and natural site that offers a 360° panoramic view of the entire region. The Montagne des Français is also home to two highly endangered species of baobab, the Baobab de Perrier and the Baobab de Suarez. But don’t miss the city’s famous beaches, notably the Sakalava Bay, the Pigeon Bay and the Dune Bay. You can also explore the city’s military remains, such as lighthouses and cannons. Finally, a trip to the Emerald Sea and its many islets is an experience not to be missed, with a huge shallow lagoon and water activities for all tastes.

Parks to visit in Deigo suarez :

Ankarana National Park :

Ankarana National Park covers an area of 18,220 ha and is protected because of its topography and rich fauna and flora. The park is dominated by a rugged terrain consisting of basaltic soil and areas of seasonal dry forest. One of the particularities of this park is the presence of Tsingy, a limestone formation sculpted by erosion. To discover these rock formations, you need to be in good physical condition as you have to climb over boulders and through narrow crevices. The park is also home to eleven caves, some of which are places of sacred worship and contain royal burials. The park is also famous for its underground river system, the largest in Africa. The fauna and flora are also very rich, with the presence of 10 species of lemurs, 92 species of birds, bats and even crocodiles in some rivers.

Montagne d’Ambre National Park :

For nature lovers. The Ankarana National Park, located in the Diana region, is considered an endemic ecosystem with exceptional rainforest fauna and flora. The park is a refuge for numerous animal species such as lemurs, chameleons, birds, and amphibians. In addition, hikers can discover a unique and enchanting biodiversity by diving into the heart of a lush nature, with a great variety of liana trees, rare orchids, tree ferns, palms, epiphytes, lichens, ficus and precious woods. Hikers can also discover magnificent water landscapes with six crater lakes and three waterfalls, including the sacred Ampijoroana waterfall where Antakarana people make sacrifices as a reward for wishes. It is recommended to respect the sacred areas and to be accompanied by a guide to explore the park safely.

The Red Tsingy :

The Tsingy Rouges are a geological wonder located in the south-east of Diego Suarez, a two-hour drive away. The marl and sandstone formations create a supernatural landscape that is very different from the Grey Tsingy of the Ankarana. However, it is important to note that these formations are very fragile and must be preserved. Although the tour of the great Tsingy is a must, the canyons tour allows visitors to discover the beginning of this rare and unforgettable phenomenon. In addition, visitors have the chance to discover the fishing village of Irodo, which is only 4 km from the site. In this village, visitors can meet women from the local association who weave satrana leaves into baskets, mats and other accessories. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about basketry and the local culture.

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