Madagascar's western region


When it comes to Madagascar, you can’t miss Morondava and its famous Avenue of the Baobabs, or the Tsingy de Bemaraha in Bekopaka. This tour will take you to the western part of Madagascar, which resembles a real Wild West setting.
Here, nature likes to vary its pleasures, from the impressive Tsingy, a karst formation listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, to the grand canyon.
Passing through Morondava, the capital of the Kingdom of Menabe, named « the big red » because of its laterite-bearing rivers. This region is inhabited by various ethnic groups, including the Sakalava of the long valleys and the Vezo, sea nomads.
With its savannahs, wide-open spaces and glowing landscapes, it’s a land worthy of American cowboy movies.


As soon as you arrive in Antananarivo, your transfer agent or personal guide will give you a warm welcome and help you with the formalities. We strongly recommend that you exchange currency before entering Madagascar, to facilitate your transactions during your stay. Once all the formalities have been settled, your guide or transfer agent will help you take charge of your luggage and drive you to your hotel, located close to Ivato international airport, offering a charming and friendly setting. Depending on your arrival time, you can also enjoy a short drive to get a glimpse of the city of Antananarivo.
Once you’ve checked in and made yourself comfortable at the hotel, your guide will join you for a detailed briefing and general introduction to your stay in Madagascar.

Overnight at the « Relais des Plateaux » or similar hotel.

Explore the rainforests of eastern Madagascar, where you’ll encounter stunning landscapes and friendly locals. Discover rare species at the private reserve of Peyreiras and learn about the region’s history at the Gendarmerie Museum. Experience the thrill of a night visit in Andasibe National Park, observing nocturnal animals. Enjoy a picnic or a meal with locals.

Overnight at Mantadia Forest Lodge or Similar Hotel

Don’t miss out on the incredible Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, which consists of the Analamazaotra Special Reserve and Mantadia National Park. This park is highly popular and home to eleven lemur species, including the impressive Indri Indri with its remarkable calls. Start your day with a visit to the Analamazaotra Special Reserve, where you’ll encounter the  Indri lemurs, the largest lemurs in Madagascar.

In the afternoon, explore the private Vakona Reserve, which features a variety of animals, including crocodiles, Fosa, and lemurs. Enjoy a delicious lunch at your hotel before embarking on this adventure.

Overnight at Mantadia Forest Lodge or a similar Hotel 

After spending a few days in the middle of the rainforest, you will have to leave the eastern part of Madagascar for the southern part of the island; once again, you will have the chance to admire different landscapes. Frequent stop en route to observe the landscapes offered by the rice fields, the architectures of the houses of the Ampovoantany «the foko Betsileo and Merina « .

  • Lunch in Ambatolampy to taste the famous “foie gras”.
  • Overnight at the Hotel” Chambre du voyageur” or similar Hotel.

We take the road to Morondava, the capital of the kingdom of « Sakalavan’i Menabe ». There are many landscapes to see, each more breathtaking than the next. The ocean and the red earth intermingle to create an awesome backdrop for your shots. Frequent stops along the way for taking pictures.

  • Lunch on the way
  • Overnight stay  at Palissandre Cote Ouest or Similar Hotel

If you wish, your guide can pick you up early in the morning at your hotel to watch the sunrise over the Avenue des Baobabs. It’s a fascinating natural spectacle, just as captivating as the famous sunset over the avenue. You’ll have plenty of time to take photos and soak up the moment before setting off for Kirindy. There will be frequent stops along the way to admire the sights and discover the local people and culture.

Lunch is served en route.

On arrival in Kirindy, check-in at the hotel before joining a night tour of the Kirindy Biosphere Reserve. You’ll explore the park’s nightlife, including nocturnal lemurs, large rodents and many other species.

Overnight at the « Hotel Relais des Kirindy »or Similar Hotel.

After breakfast, you’ll set off on a tour of the Kirindy Biosphere Reserve, distinguished by its rich floral diversity and high proportion of endemic species. This forest will be a delight for botanists and naturalists, with its variety of plants, as well as for daytime wildlife enthusiasts. You’ll be able to choose from a number of tours, and you might even catch a glimpse of lemurs such as the forked lemur and the famous Fosa, Madagascar’s largest predator.

Enjoy Lunch at your hotel or similar restaurant.

The afternoon is free if you wish to continue your visit to the park or relax in your hotel.

Overnight at the « Relais des Kirindy » hotel, or Similar Hotel.

We continue our drive towards the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To get there, we’ll have to make several boating crossings before reaching Bekopaka.

  • Lunch along the way.
  • Overnight at Soleil du Tsingy or Similar Hotel.

After enjoying a delicious early breakfast, your guide will enthusiastically pick you up from your hotel, ready to take you to the Grand Tsingy. Get prepared for an eventful ride before reaching the Tsingy. The Tsingy are the result of vast limestone plateaus, nicknamed the « Stone Forest », and offer a unique landscape found only on Madagascar, the red island. This karst forest is characterized by sharp, knife-edge limestone formations. Lemurs thrive here and are easy to spot. You’ll be able to choose from several itineraries and take advantage of the day to explore this exceptional park.

A picnic lunch will be prepared for you

We continue our visit in the afternoon towards the Manambolo Gorges, a geological gem offering a rare combination of colors. You’ll  explore them by boarding a boat and cruising along the Manambolo River.

Overnight at « Soleil du Tsingy » or Similar Hotel

We finish our visit in the Petit Tsingy de Bemaraha, where you can see a landscape of rock formations in the shape of small Tsingy, ideal for taking photos. You’ll have free time in the afternoon to relax before returning to Morondava.

Overnight at Soleil du Tsingy or Similar Hotel

After visiting the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, it’s time to head back to Morondava. We’ll make stops along the way to discover the sacred Baobab tree, and a stop on the Avenue of the Baobabs to make sure you don’t miss the world-famous sunset.

  • Lunch en route
  • Overnight at  Palissandre Cote Ouest Hotel or similar hotel.

Our team will arrange your transfer to the airport in Morondava based on your local flight schedule. Upon your arrival, our dedicated staff will be there to greet you and provide assistance.

Overnight at the « Relais des Plateaux » or similar hotel.

Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, is known as the « city of thousands » and offers numerous treasures to explore.Visit to the sacred hill of Ambohimanga: This UNESCO World Heritage site is the birthplace of the Merina Kingdom. It holds great cultural significance for the local population, preserving the heritage of the Merina Kingdom throughout the years.City tour: The city center of Antananarivo, built during the colonial period, is rich in monuments and historical remnants. Must-see attractions include Soarano Train Station, Independence Avenue, Rova (Royal Palace), the Flower Market, and the Malagasy Art Market.

  • Lunch in a local restaurant to taste local specialities
  • Overnight at The Hotel Relais des Plateaux or Similar Hotel

At the end of your trip, our team will be there to help you. A driver or guide will be on hand with a car to take you shopping in the city, discovering local stores and souvenir markets. If you want to bring back souvenirs from Madagascar before your international flight, they’ll be on hand to assist you. However, this will depend on the time of your international flight.

When it’s time to leave, our team will take you to Ivato international airport and help you with the formalities before wishing you a safe journey home.



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