Magic captured at the Musée de Photographie d’Antananarivo.

The Museum of Photography, a cultural treasure trove rich in history, is located in the heart of Madagascar, in Antananarivo. This institution offers a journey immortalizing key moments in Malagasy history. It is a living chronicle. Each theme contributes to a museum experience in its own dedicated space. Facets of Madagascar’s history, culture and nature are presented through the prism of photography.

You’ll explore the essence of the museum through its presentation.

The Museum of Photography of Madagascar is committed to digitizing photographs taken in Madagascar between 1860 and 1960. Its aim is to preserve Madagascar’s photographic heritage. Founded in 2013, it is located in Anjohy Rue Andriamanalina Ravelomanantsoa.

Closed on Mondays, the Museum welcomes visitors every day from Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm.

Spaces specially designed for each exhibition.

The showrooms :

A vast exhibition room and the museum garden are available for temporary exhibitions.

A special area is reserved for contemporary photographers, whether from Madagascar or abroad.

Another platform allows visitors to share the artist’s view of the Big Island.

Parts for Projections :

Four projection rooms show themed films. These films are available in several languages. Among these productions, you’ll discover, for example:

  • A film dedicated to the history of Madagascar’s main cities.
  • Another highlighting the great figures of 19th-century Antananarivo,
  • A third, retracing the golden age of photography in Madagascar in the 1930s.
The museum café :

The  » Museum Café  » is located in the heart of the garden. The Chef proposes a cuisine rooted in the terroir. A drinks menu featuring the Vita Malagasy label illustrates your visit.

Offered Exhibitions, for a Visual Invitation.

Despite the absence of texts, some themes are extrapolated in such a museum. You will discover the following subjects:

A section dedicated to photographs from the colonial era, highlights the interactions between Malagasy and European cultures. The social and historical changes that marked this period are also highlighted.

A collection of ancient figures tells the story of how styles have changed through the generations.

Photographs document the daily life of Malagasy people over the decades. Work scenes, bustling markets and family rituals are on display.

Madagascar’s cultural diversity takes pride of place in this exhibition. Customs, traditions, festivals and rituals are highlighted.

Photographs document key events in Madagascar’s history (official ceremonies, social movements or key political moments).

The evolution of Malagasy towns and villages over time, illustrating architectural and demographic changes.
Photos of Malagasy landscapes, from beaches to forests, highlight the island’s rich biodiversity.

Malagasy arts and crafts, as well as traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation, are highlighted.
You’ll find a section dedicated to local festivities. Vibrant snapshots of colorful festivals and ceremonies enliven Malagasy life.

Interactive areas and educational workshops to raise visitors’ awareness are also present. Cultural preservation and artistic expression are what photography is all about.

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