The Ranomafana National Park : Madagascar’s green marvel

Nestled between the majestic Central Highlands and the eastern coast of Madagascar, spanning an area of 41,600 hectares, the Ranomafana National Park is much more than just a natural gem. It is a vestigial ecosystem, an oasis of biodiversity where nature thrives in all its splendour.

An enchanting landscape:

The park unveils itself as a natural masterpiece of breathtaking beauty, with its undulating hills, dizzying cliffs, and mountains cloaked in dense, humid forest. The numerous watercourses that traverse it add a touch of freshness and vitality to this already lush environment. Ranomafana earns its evocative name, which literally means « hot water », from the thermal springs that gush from its mountains, providing a refuge for a myriad of animal species as well as a therapeutic water source for locals.

A tale of preservation:

Founded in 1991 through collaboration between researchers and the Malagasy government, the Ranomafana National Park is the result of an unwavering commitment to biodiversity preservation. This conservation narrative continues today with the Valbio Research Centre, bearing witness to the ongoing significance attributed to this natural treasure.

Since 2007, the park and its surroundings have been part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, recognised for their exceptional value as the humid forests of Antsinanana.

Remarkable biodiversity:

Ranomafana National Park by Samia Andria

The biological richness of Ranomafana National Park is simply astounding. Its lush vegetation harbours a multitude of plant species, from orchids to tree ferns, as well as carnivorous plants and valuable hardwoods. This diversity is the result of the humid climate and the numerous tributaries of the Namorona River.

But it’s the furry and feathered inhabitants that steal the show. Twelve species of lemurs, some of which are critically endangered, have made these woods their home. Among them, the Hapalemur Griseus Ranomafanensis, a rare and endemic species, holds a special place. Reptiles, amphibians, insects, and butterflies also contribute to the richness of the local fauna. For bird enthusiasts, the park offers an outdoor spectacle with nearly 115 species of birds, many of which are endemic to Madagascar.

An unforgettable experience:

Whether you choose to explore the trails during the day or venture into the mysteries of the night, Ranomafana National Park promises you an unforgettable experience. The carefully crafted circuits by Madagascar National Park will lead you through this preserved nature, where every encounter with an endemic species becomes a precious moment.To fully enjoy your visit, be sure to pack sturdy hiking shoes and waterproof clothing to tackle the humid tropical climate of the region.

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