The Drylands

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Authentic fauna and flora, rare birds, beautiful wild beaches, the great south of Madagascar will not disappoint you. This vast arid region has unique landscapes that can be explored through national parks, hiking and even bird watching.


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  • Meeting with the Vivy Travel team
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  • Briefing and general presentation of Madagascar before dinner
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on the road to Andasibe Madagascar

Discover the rainforest of the eastern part of Madagascar, as its name indicates, many surprises await you; extraordinary landscapes, a welcoming and smiling population, rare and endemic species.

    • Visit of the private reserve Peyreiras : the private park Peyrieras constitutes a beautiful introduction to the fauna of Madagascar thanks to its numerous varieties of endemic animals
    • Visit of the Gendarmerie Museum: An atypical place, created in 1963, the Gendarmerie Museum is located in the heart of the city of Bezanozano Moramanga, where the bloody events of 1947 took place, leading to the long process of independence of Madagascar.
    • Night visit Andasibe: the night visit in the park allows you to meet different nocturnal species such as lemurs, birds, reptiles and amphibians.
    • Lunch Pic nic or at the inhabitant according to your preference.
    • Overnight stay in BB at “Vakona Forest Lodge” or similar
Analamzaotra reserve Andasibe

A step not to be missed, the national park Andasibe – Mantadia is grouped by two protected areas: the special reserve of Analamazaotra and the national park Mantadia. This park is classified as the most visited protected area of Madagascar. Eleven species of lemurs are found there, notably with the great Indri Indri which stands out by its amazing cries.

  • Morning visit in the reserve of Analamazaotra: First special reserve to visit, the special reserve of Analamazaotra is the natural habitat of the great Indris. The biggest lemur of Madagascar.
  • Visit of the private reserve Vakona during the afternoon: more of an animal park than a natural reserve, you will be able to see about fifty crocodiles at the edge of the lake, a couple of Fosa, the wild ducks’ sailboat and the lemurs’ island.
  • Lunch in your hotel before visiting the private reserve of Vakona in the afternoon
  • Overnight stay in BB at “Vakona Forest Lodge” or similar
The microcebus lehilahytsara
  • Visit of the Mantadia National Park: Contrary to the Analamazaotra Reserve, the Mantadia National Park is a primary forest. Off the beaten track, this park is really ideal for those who like to photograph wildlife, or for those who want to unearth rare species
  • Picnic Lunch 
  • Overnight stay in BB at “Vakona Forest Lodge” or similar

After spending a few days in the middle of the rainforest, you’ll have to leave the eastern part for the southern part of the island, once again, you’ll have the chance to admire different landscapes that will remain forever engraved in your head as a memory. Frequent stop en route to observe the landscapes offered by the rice fields, the architectures of the houses of the Ampovoantany «the foko Betsileo and Merina “.

  • Visit of the environmental center Saha Maintsoanala on the road: last forest stations of the central highlands, saha maintsoanala has all the assets for an eco-touristic visit guided by the local population itself.
  • Lunch in Ambatolampy to taste the famous foie gras.
  • Overnight in BB at the Hotel Chambre du voyageur or similar.
Cryptic or blue-legged Chameleon (Calumma crypticum) at night in Ranomafana national park,

Once again, you’ll leave the main road for the rainforest, but in the South East part of Madagascar this time. After a short tour of the city of Antsirabe and Ambositra, discover the great park of Ranomafana. Check-in and relax at the hotel before the night tour.

  • Visit of the city and the surroundings of Antsirabe: Antsirabe means where there is a lot of salt, it is a city that lives mainly from textile, tobacco and agricultural production. To see: the artisanal workshops where many objects are made from the horns of Zebu, and the volcanic lakes.
  • City of Ambositra: Ambositra distinguishes itself from other cities by its cultural richness. Capital of the Zafimaniry territory, these welcoming and warm people are recognized as the source of an ancestral craft know-how: “art-zafimaniry”.
  • Lunch at the Artisan Ambositra hotel
  • Night visit Ranomafana
  • Overnight stay in BB at the SETAM Lodge Hotel or similar

Located in the southeast of Madagascar, Ranomafana National Park is a place not to be missed. It will make you discover many endemic species, some of which are unfortunately endangered. If you are a fanatic of hiking in the forest to meet the animals, you’ll not be disappointed.

  • A whole day dedicated to the visit of Ranomafana National Park
  • Picnic lunch in the forest with a panoramic view
  • Overnight stay in BB at the SETAM lodge or similar
La Fenêtre de l'Isalo

End of stay in the South-East part of the island while taking back the famous national road n°7, a stop at Ambalavao to visit the village reserve of Anjà, natural habitat of Makis.

  • Visit of the village reserve of Anja
  • Lunch at Anja before continuing to Isalo
  • Overnight stay in BB at the Hotel «Les toiles de l’Isalo «or similar.
Isalo natural pool

Defined as the Colorado of Madagascar, the Isalo massif is a mixture of colors and reliefs, wonderfully sculpted by erosion. Grassy plains alternately dotted with metallic gray and red ochre, forming an impressive picture. Deep canyons, natural swimming pool, caves, rivers and lemurs are there to amaze your visit. After the visit, relax at the hotel before reaching the southern part of the island, the city of Toliary and its surroundings, also known for its national parks, beaches and seafood.

  • A whole day dedicated to the visit of the Isalo National Park
  • Picnic lunch at Namazaha
  • Night in BB at the Hotel «Les toiles de l’Isalo «or similar.

We’ll continue our road to the southern part of the island, this time to mangily Ifaty, a combination of spiny forests, mangrove and beach, you do not know yet what awaits you, but you’ll soon discover everything. Frequent stops along the way to discover other species of birds and other animals. Before reaching the city of Toliary, you’ll pass by the famous national park of Zombitse Vohibasia.

  • Visit of the Zombitse Park: a park little known by tourists, this protected area has “an exceptional biodiversity”. There are different species of rare birds, endemic and also 8 species of lemurs, some of which are almost threatened.
  • Lunch in Tulear and then continue the road to Mangily
  • Overnight stay in BB at the Hotel “Bambou Club Ifaty” or similar.
  • Visit of Reniala: The Reniala Park (Mother Forest), also called Domergue Reserve, extends over nearly 60 hectares. This forest of thorns and baobabs is now a protected ecotourism area. It allows you to observe many unique species that live in the jungle of Madagascar.
  • Overnight stay in BB at the Hotel ” Bambou Club Ifaty ” or Simialaire
  • It is a completely free day to relax in the beach and enjoy the excellent products of the sea.

  • Overnight stay in BB at the Hotel ” Bambou Club Ifaty ” or Simialaire

Antananarivo out

You’ll be transferred to the airport according to your local flight schedule, to be met by the team in Antananarivo.

    • Transfer from the airport to your hotel
    • Overnight stay in BB at “Relais des plateaux” or similar
History and culture Madagascar

Capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo translates as “the city of thousands”, the capital is full of 1000 treasures to discover.

  • Visit of the sacred hill of Ambohimanga: Birthplace of the Merina Kingdom, the royal hill of Ambohimanga is among the sites classified as world heritage by UNESCO. More than a simple tourist site, this place preserves a great part of the national identity of the population, notably that of the Merina kingdom, for several years.
  • City tour: Built at the beginning of the colonial era, the city center of Antananarivo is full of monuments and vestiges of a glorious and historical past. To see: Soarano station, Independence Avenue, Rova, Flower Market, Malagasy Art Market.
  • Lunch in your hotel or at the inhabitant’s for a local specialty.
  • A big debriefing will be organized before your dinner, and we are looking forward to your feedback about the trip.
  • Overnight stay in BB at “Relais des plateau” or similar
Antananarivo out

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