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The tourism sector has a huge impact on the development of a community, especially if everyone is active and moves together in the same direction. We invite you to do good deeds to ensure a good sustainable development for our country. Thus, do not hesitate to help us by sharing your knowledge, by helping us to protect the environment, by exchanging our respective cultures. We need you to make things happen.

What you can experience with us
Education need to change

Education in Madagascar:
A sector in need of change

Malagasy people like to learn and especially they like to discover the culture of others to advance even the life of the people around them. So, if helping or training children, teenagers, or even adults are part of your interest, we would be more than happy to count you among our trainers during the language courses we would like to set up.
The Malagasy people are curious by nature and eager to learn. If you wish, we would like you to share your culture and practices during the sharing sessions that we organize.

Let's get active for the protection and conservation of an intact wildlife

Madagascar is a real paradise where the biodiversity is unique in the world. We have an incomparable fauna and flora that cannot be found anywhere else. If you also wish to save this image of Madagascar, take part in the actions aiming at protecting our environment. Thus, we would be delighted to count you among us during the reforestation that we regularly organize. If there is a harmful plague that ravages the Malagasy environment, it is the bushfire. So we need to raise the awareness of the population in order to carry out massive actions to fight against this scourge but also to set up a prevention strategy against fire.


Travel wiTH sense

Together for humanitarian actions

As a developing country, Madagascar still needs to make progress on several important issues such as the protection of women’s and children’s rights. This is why we must intervene in the fight against gender discrimination. We can mobilize all of us to implement the rights of children… Let’s give a hand to the most disadvantaged.