What is the skin color of Malagasy people?

Visit Madagascar? Yes, but find out what color skin the Malagasy have.

The skin color of the Malagasy reflects ethnic diversity, environment and genetic factors. See them through this article. To discern Madagascar, expect these few types of physical morphology that is the color you can meet. Can we confirm that a Malagasy is a man of color in relation to the sustained difference in skin color?

Perceive the color of the Malagasy skin through the ethnic groups, the history, and the main origins.

It is true that it is difficult to determine the exact skin color of a Malagasy. So much it presents nuances. As you progress during your trip to Madagascar, you may encounter a mixture of skin colors (yellow, black, white,…).

Ethnicity, location, and other reasons determine this. Malagasy people have a wide variety of skin colors, ranging from darker to lighter. Here is a brief description of some of the most common skin tones of the Malagasy.

  • On the high land, observe a light to medium color for the Merina and the Betsileo. The Asian and African origin, confers this portrait.
  • The betsimisaraka, on the east coast, are rather medium to dark. Their predominantly African origin, and the geographical location, colors the facies of the population.
  • The Sakalava and Antandroy as well as the coastal ethnic groups, also of African origin, are rather medium to dark.
  • However, many Malagasy have intermediate skin tones. This reflects the mix of different ethnic groups present in Madagascar.

The island’s population is composed of several ethnic groups, each with its own history, culture and genetic heritage. These groups originate from different parts of Africa and Asia. Migration to Madagascar at different times in its history has built up a genetic mix. This ethnic and cultural diversity of Madagascar has a significant influence on the skin color of the Malagasy.

It is important to note that these descriptions are incomplete. Skin color among the Malagasy varies considerably depending on many factors, including genetics, sun exposure and age.

Find the color of the Malagasy skin, through another aspect that is the environment.

Finally, the skin color of Malagasy people can vary depending on the environment in which they live. Sun exposure and genetic factors present great factors for skin tone. This is why it is common to see a wide variety of skin tones in Malagasy people. Malagasy who live in coastal areas where there is a lot of sun exposure tend to have darker skin, except for those from the northern region like Diego Suarez for example who have lighter colors. Those who live in mountainous regions where there is less sun exposure, show a light to medium skin tone.

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