Accommodation options in Madagascar

Madagascar has a variety of accommodation options for travelers. From luxury hotels to guesthouses, eco-lodges or even overnight stays with local people, there are options to satisfy every taste and budget. You’re bound to find one that’s just right for you.

Luxury Hotels

If you’re traveling to Madagascar in search of comfort, luxury and private tours, the island is home to several upscale hotels. These establishments offer top-quality facilities and services, including spas, swimming pools and gourmet restaurants featuring Malagasy specialties. Luxury hotels are particularly common on Madagascar’s coasts and islands, offering exclusive and tranquil atmospheres, accessible only by private boat transfers or private flights.

Guest Houses

For more immersive experiences, staying with local people is an excellent option. It allows you to experience Malagasy culture and lifestyle up close, including local cuisine and traditions. Guest houses are often less expensive and provide a deeper connection with everyday Malagasy life. These establishments sometimes propose activities similar to the daily life of the host population, such as working in the fields, making handicrafts, etc.

Charming Hotels

These charming hotels are distinguished by their distinctive architecture and cosy ambience. Ideally located, often close to nature or on the coast, they offer superior comfort to budget hotels, while remaining affordable. These establishments are ideal for families and couples.

Economy Hotels

If you’re traveling on a budget, budget hotels are a good option. They are equipped with basic comforts, but are sufficient for a pleasant stay. These hotels are an ideal solution for travelers wishing to explore the island without spending a fortune on accommodation. But be careful with your belongings and valuables if you decide to stay in lesser-known budget hotels, as their level of security can sometimes be quite low.

The Lodges

Lodges are the most popular option in Madagascar, especially for tourists looking for eco-responsible accommodation. These bungalows are designed to offer a natural and authentic setting, built with local materials and respecting Malagasy traditions. They are ideal for those looking to immerse themselves in nature while minimizing their environmental impact.

Some tips for choosing your hotel in Madagascar :

Define your priorities : Before choosing a hotel and organizing your trip, identify what's most important to you. Is it location, price, specific amenities, hotel style, or reviews from previous guests? This will make future planning much easier.
Set a budget : Plan ahead how much you're willing to spend per night. Bear in mind that the price of hotels in Madagascar can vary according to the season and the services offered.
Consider Location : Opt for a convenient location for your activities. If you're in a tourist town, a central hotel might be ideal. For a relaxing stay, a hotel on the outskirts or in a natural setting might be more appropriate.
Check Services and Amenities : Make sure the hotel you choose offers the amenities you need, like free Wi-Fi, breakfast, pool, fitness center, parking, etc.
Read Reviews : Check out online reviews to get an idea of other guests' experiences. However, take these reviews with a grain of salt and look for recent comments.
Security : Security is paramount. Look for hotels with good security measures, especially if you plan to travel with valuables such as a computer, high-end phone, camera, etc.

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