Anjohibe caves

Located 80 km from the town of Mahajanga, the anjohibe caves can be reached via a track crossing savannah and cashew plantations. Take the RN4 towards Ambalakida. This renowned speleological site also offers other tourist attractions. It’s well worth staying at least one night (campsites on site). A well-organized tour from the site also takes you through the majestic Mahajamba Bay. The latter, directly after the caves, is well worth a visit for its unrivalled tourist attractions.

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Anjohibe, exploring Madagascar’s exceptional cave :

It is accessible from April to November by 4 x 4, about 63 km from Mahajanga (63km of track preceded by 20km of tarmac road from Mahajanga town). Located in the heart of the savannah and cashew plantations, the Anjohibe caves offer an opportunity to discover a multitude of tourist attractions. A number of guided tours are available, as listed below.

In the absence of an experienced guide, it is not advisable to venture into these labyrinthine galleries. Anjohibe features a network of some 100 galleries. The caves represent a network of interconnected rooms stretching over several kilometers. It is impossible to explore all of these passages. Many remain unexplored, and many caves are still awaiting their first visit.

You’ll discover limestone concretions featuring imposing stalactites and stalagmites over 10 m high.

Lac d’Andranojoby is a veritable natural swimming pool, offering a peaceful and refreshing place to swim. Downstream from the lake, waterfalls create an impressive 20-metre drop.

Apart from the geological wonders, a small adjacent forest is populated by lemurs that can easily be observed in their natural environment, the Coquerel Sifaka.

On the « ceiling », there are a few surprises in store. In fact, it’s the refuge of bats. At first sight, they could be mistaken for simple black spots on the limestone rock. In the light of the flame, however, you can make out a veritable « dormitory » of bat colonies, indifferent to the passage of visitors.

A caving escape to Madagascar’s natural charm: Anjohibe and Mahajamba Bay :

For those wishing to explore the region further, a well-developed circuit leads from the Grottes d’Anjohibe across Mahajamba Bay.

The bay is renowned for its immense mangroves and rich birdlife. Mangroves are coastal ecosystems, home to a variety of marine life. Species of birds and fish reveal their beauty. Dolphins can also sometimes be seen in the bay’s waters.

Mahajamba Bay offers numerous opportunities for water sports, including diving, fishing, sailing and windsurfing. Nearby coral reefs enchant divers in search of underwater exploration.

Embarking on local boats allows you to explore the islands and islets scattered around the bay. These excursions offer magnificent views of the coastal landscape and the chance to discover remote places.

The region boasts white sandy beaches. Relaxation and sunbathing are permitted in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Mahajamba Bay is located in a region where Sakalava culture predominates. You can experience local customs, and take part in handicraft activities.

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