Horseback riding in Madagascar

Madagascar’s hilly landscapes invite you to enjoy a unique equestrian experience. Horseback riding teaches you about Madagascar’s flora and fauna. Imagine galloping across beaches, savannahs, rice paddies and valleys sheltering amazing animals. And immerse yourself further in the local community for « cultural exchanges ».

The Delights of Horseback Riding Revealed, galloping with freedom.

To the rhythm of your hooves, discover a diversity of colorful birds in a vertiginous symphony. You’ll marvel at the endemic species that inhabit the tropical forests. On the coasts, enjoy these imposing marine creatures.

Madagascar’s botanical diversity is just as captivating. On horseback, you’ll ride through a variety of landscapes, from plains to dense forests and rolling hills. Along the way, you’ll see the emblematic baobabs, giants of Madagascan flora, and a multitude of rare orchids in astonishing shapes and colors.

The selected itineraries are yours to discover in the saddle. Local smiles and curiosities welcome you. At every stop, learn about farming practices, fishing techniques and age-old traditions. Join in the festivities and make new friends.

Venture out for a night in the wild. The sky turns a warm shade as the sun is about to set. Get ready for a night under the stars. At the bivouac site, a campfire illuminates your meal and the legends told by your guide. The first ray of sunshine wakes you up in the morning. It also gives you a sense of connection to Madagascar. A delicious country-style breakfast awaits you to restore your energy.

Taste the Splendors of Madagascar’s rolling landscapes, saddle in hand and nature in sight.

Before embarking on any equestrian adventure, it’s essential to check your options. Choose reputable providers to ensure that horses are healthy and well cared for. Discover some of the sites offering horseback riding :

  • Antsirabe : Antsirabe, in the highlands of Madagascar, is renowned for its lakes and rolling countryside. Ranches and riding schools offer horseback riding in the surrounding countryside. The Parc de l’Est, close to the town, is just a short stroll away.
  • Ifaty : Ifaty, on Madagascar’s southern coast, offers horseback riding along the beaches. Through picturesque fishing villages, meet the navigators and their know-how. Explore the surrounding mangroves on horseback.
  • Morondava : Morondava offers horseback riding along the famous Avenue of the Baobabs. Contemplate these emblematic trees at sunset.
  • Andasibe Mantadia National Park : Naturalist guides accompany you to Andasibe-Mantadia National Park in eastern Madagascar. Ride through this forest reserve rich in flora and fauna.
  • Isalo National Park : Isalo National Park, an exceptional nature reserve, is ideal for exploring on horseback. Ride through imposing rock formations, canyons and verdant oases with an experienced guide.
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