Help and assistance

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Vivy Travel supports the most disadvantaged people, often victims of Madagascar’s frequent natural disasters. We work to provide them with housing, healthy food and clean water.

Our strongest commitment at Vivy Travel is to the protection of women and children. This ongoing effort requires kindness, love and a great sense of responsibility. Vivy Travel is actively engaged in this constant struggle.

Improving the living conditions

Vivy Travel works on several fronts to help local communities. We have established a comprehensive aid program that benefits the population: improved health, adapted sanitation, balanced nutrition and quality education.

We are heavily involved in social and humanitarian actions, and regularly make donations to the local community. This helps support collective and interdependent development linked to our activities. We work actively to protect Madagascar’s sensitive areas, such as parks and nature reserves, by promoting their preservation.

With a view to sustainable development, which implies the use of all a country’s resources, Vivy Travel works with local artisans to promote their products nationally and internationally, thus creating employment opportunities.

Protection and conservation

Madagascar is a paradise of rich biodiversity. We have incomparable flora and fauna found nowhere else. We want to preserve this image of Madagascar and take part in actions to protect our environment. We would be delighted to have you join us in our regular reforestation campaigns.
If there’s one scourge devastating Madagascar’s environment, it’s bush fires. That’s why we need to raise public awareness so that we can take massive action to combat this scourge, but also put in place a strategy to prevent fires and the massive destruction of natural resources.

Establishing a good education

As long as a population remains uneducated, development remains a distant idea. It has to be said that the fundamental pillar of development is the education of its population. That’s why Vivy Travel prioritizes access to education for young people. All our resources are focused on assisting the education of young people.
Since beautiful nature and an attractive environment increase a country’s tourist appeal, Vivy Travel has set up an environmental education program to raise local awareness of environmental protection and enhancement.
We also support communities, NGOs and associations working to protect the environment and combat bush fires, tavy (slash-and-burn farming) and similar initiatives.

Why visit Madagascar with Vivy?

Responsible Tours

We really want to support local development and environmental protection through our activities.

Specialized Guides

Our private and specialized guides are carefully selected to offer you exceptional and unforgettable experiences.

Bespoke services

Our luxury and private tours are designed specifically for you, and your needs. Flexible for any changes on your part.

Local experts

We are composed of a team of young people 100% Malagasy who all have an excellent knowledge of Madagascar.