Madagascar's Deep South


Authentic fauna and flora, rare birds, beautiful wild beaches, the great south of Madagascar will not disappoint you. This vast arid region has unique landscapes that can be explored through national parks, hiking and even bird watching.

  • Cultural diversity : If you’re passionate about cultures, Madagascar’s Grand Sud is a must-see destination for you. This vast region is home to numerous ethnic groups, each with its own specificity. You’ll be fascinated by the craftsmanship and ancestral practices handed down from generation to generation.
  • Unique landscapes : Southern Madagascar offers spectacular scenery, from the immense rock formations of Isalo National Park to the magnificent beaches and crystal-clear waters of Ifaty, and the lush tropical forests of Ranomafana National Park. The contrasts between geological formations, sun-drenched coasts and biodiversity-rich forest ecosystems make this region truly unrivaled.


Welcome to Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, after completing your formalities at the airport you will be met by your transfer agent, who will make your private transfer to your hotel. You will be staying in a charming hotel located in the capital, which is animated by Malagasy culture, with particularly Malagasy decorations. Where you can also taste typical Malagasy dishes. Depending on the time of your arrival at Ivalo international airport, you can take advantage of your transfer to take a private tour of Antananarivo,as its name suggests, the ‘city of a thousand treasures’, Antananarivo offers a multitude of attractions: history and anecdotes, a wide variety of architectural beauty and, in particular, picturesque belvederes offering uninterrupted views of the surrounding area.

Overnight at the Hotel Relais des Plateaux, simple but friendly and attentive to your needs.

Depending on your local flight schedule, your private transfer agent will pick you up from your hotel around 3 hours early to avoid the long city traffic and arrive at Ivato National Airport at boarding time.You then take a local Tsaradia flight to Tuléar, in the south of Madagascar.

As soon as you arrive at Tuléar national airport, your guide will be waiting to transfer you to your hotel in Ifaty Mangily, a small fishing village renowned for having one of the most beautiful beaches in Madagascar.

Overnight at the Hotel Bamboo Club Ifaty, or Similar Hotel.


After breakfast at the hotel, your guide will pick you up at your hotel to take you to the Reniala private reserve. The Reniala reserve is located 800 m from the sea, in a forest of baobabs and Didieraeaceae,just outside the village of Mangily Ifaty. It contains endemic species of fauna and flora adapted to the dry climate of southern Madagascar.

Lunch on the way or at your hotel depending on your choice

You have the afternoon free to enjoy the beach and get some fresh air on one of Madagascar’s most beautiful beaches.

Overnight at the Hotel Bamboo Club Ifaty, or Similar Hotel.


Woken by the freshness of the waves, accompanied by an excellent breakfast, your guide will pick you up at your hotel to continue your trip to Ranohira, several kilometres from the village of Ifaty. Ranohira is a rural Malagasy town and commune that is mainly the starting point for exploring the Malagasy Colorado, or the Isalo National Park.

On the way you’ll visit the Zombitse National Park: like the many protected areas on the Big Island, the Zombitse Vohibasia National Park is home to one of the island’s most famous mammals: the lemur. The park is home to eight distinct varieties of lemur, in particular, the Sifaka, the star of the show,

Lunch on the way.

Overnight  at the Hotel “Jardin du Roy”, or Similar Hotel.

We will have ample time to explore the wonders of Isalo National Park on foot. Our day will begin with a gentle hike to a picturesque natural swimming pool, followed by a deeper exploration of the stunning canyon. Isalo is renowned for its unique geological formations, shaped by the forces of nature over time, creating some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the country. The park also holds cultural significance, as it served as a burial ground for the Bara tribes who live around the parc.

Picnic lunch in the park or similar, depending on your choice

Overnight  at the Hotel Jardin du Roy, or Similar Hotel.

After breakfast we head to Ranomafana National Park, a park located in the province of Fianaranatsoa in the Malagasy highlands, this park is characterised by a tropical rainforest ideal for ecotourism enthusiasts.

Lunch on the way.

On the way, we stop off at the Anja Community Reserve for a visit: this protected area was created on the initiative of the local village community to protect the environment and is the natural habitat of the Maki or ring-tailed lemurs.

Arrival at Ranomafana, check in at the hotel before taking a night walk of the park.

Overnight at the Hotel SETAM Lodge, or Similar Hotel.

Early departure for the Ranomafana National Park, ready for a day of adventure in the heart of nature, to discover the rare and endemic species of this region, which is unfortunately on the way to extinction. Numerous animal species live together in this immense tropical forest, including lemurs, birds and chameleons.

Picnic lunch in the park or similar, depending on your choice

Overnight at the SETAM Lodge, or Similar Hotel.

We continue on the famous Route National 7 up the Malagasy highlands to Antsirabe, a town known for its therapeutic waters and the « pousses pousses » (a kind of Malagasy ricksaw) that decorate the roads.

Lunch on the Way

Passing through Ambositra, the capital of the Zafimaniry area, we will be visiting the art workshops famous for their production of Antemoro paper.

Overnight in a Bed and Breakfast at the Hotel Chambre du Voyageur, or Similar Hotel.

On the way to Antananarivo, we’ll be stopping off in Ambatolampy to visit the local workshops, which are renowned for their pot-making and are said to be the leading suppliers of pots throughout Madagascar.

Overnight  at the Hotel Relais des Plateaux , simple but friendly and attentive to your needs.

Capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo translates as « the city of thousands », the capital is full of 1000 treasures to discover.Visit of the sacred hill of Ambohimanga: Birthplace of the Merina Kingdom, the royal hill of Ambohimanga is among the sites classified as world heritage by UNESCO. And we finish the afternoon to visit the center of Antananarivo, built at the beginning of the colonial era, the city center of Antananarivo is full of monuments and vestiges of a glorious and historical past. To see: Soarano station, Independence Avenue, Rova, Flower Market, Malagasy Art Market.

Overnight  at the Hotel Relais des Plateaux , simple but friendly and attentive to your needs.

A driver or guide will be on hand with a car to accompany you as you make your way around town, whether exploring local stores or souvenir markets. Their role will be to assist you with all your shopping, especially if you wish to bring back a few souvenirs from Madagascar before your international flight. Please note that this will depend on your international flight schedule. At the end of your stay, they will take you to Ivato international airport and assist you with the necessary formalities before wishing you a safe journey home.



Private east
12 Days From 1000 €

Wild and Beach

Runforest , Wildlife , Local Culture.

local culture discovery
14 Days From 1200 €

Western region

Baobab Avenue,Tsingy de Bemaraha, Local Culture.

9 Days From 1200 €

Northern Expedition

National Parks, Paradise Island, Local culture.

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