Masoala Forest Lodge

A Luxury inside the Park

When you choose Masoala Forest Lodge as your holiday destination in Madagascar, you’re choosing to immerse yourself in the great outdoors on the northeast coast of the Big Island. In operation since 2011, Masoala Forest Lodge is located in the Masoala Malagasy National Park, 44 km from Maroantsetra Airport, and can therefore be reached by air, but to compensate for the distance between the airport and the hotel, the latter offers tourists a shuttle service. It is also possible to reach Masoala Forest Loge by road, if you’re a fan of the « off-road » experience and thrills, a journey that will take two (2) to three (3) days by road.

More about Masoala Forest Lodge

In terms of hotel infrastructure, Masoala Forest Lodge boasts six (6) bungalows set in the heart of the Masoala forest. These bungalows offer luxury, calm and relaxation, while respecting the natural biodiversity of the area. A charming, photogenic setting that invites you to explore and discover the wildlife around you. Masoala Forest Lodge offers family rooms and rooms for couples in search of osmosis with nature. Note that breakfast is included in every package offered by our host.

While we’re on the subject of catering, let’s delve a little deeper into Masoala Forest Lodge’s restaurant facilities. A restaurant is available for guests to tantalize their taste buds, and the doors of the BAR are open to quench their thirst.

In terms of on-site activities, we’d say that this hotel is for ecotourism enthusiasts, away from city life and discovering the wilderness. Enjoy the beauty of the surrounding forest, as well as the marine and underwater riches to be discovered during your stay. The seaside is not to be overlooked either, with fine sandy beaches and panoramic views of the Indian Ocean in a tropical climate.

A well-deserved classification

This Malagasy establishment is rated the highest on TRIP ADVISOR: five (5) for location, five (5) for cleanliness, five (5) for service and four point five (4.5) for value for money. In addition to its hotel service, which is provided by a team specialized in welcoming tourists and experts (scientific researchers) to Masaola, it sets itself apart from its competitors. In addition, it offers a laundry service, especially for long-stay guests who need it at certain times.

The privilege of rubbing shoulders with a world heritage

Masoala Forest lodge also offers us the privilege of rubbing shoulders with one of Madagascar’s UNESCO World Heritage sites. An adventure in the wild to meet endemic species in terms of flora and fauna, discover the continental and marine treasures of the Big Island. Masoala Forest Lodge offers excursions and treks through this primary forest, diving and kayaking to discover the marine world. Fishing programs are also offered to guests at the appropriate times of the year. Nature is the main attraction of this Malagasy hotel establishment, but there are also cultural aspects to be discovered thanks to immersion programs and contact with the local population. An opportunity to come face-to-face with their culture and their relationship with nature, and above all to learn as much as possible.

In conclusion, it’s important to note that all Masoala Forest Lodge’s structures and offerings respect nature and the principles of sustainable tourism.

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