Promoting Madagascan crafts.

Antananarivo, Madagascar – In an unprecedented move to promote the talent and ingenuity of local craftspeople, Madagascar is preparing to host the first edition of the International Handicraft Fair Madagascar (IHM). Announced by Joël Randriamandranto, the Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, at a press conference on 13 February, this event marks a major turning point in the promotion of Madagascan handicrafts on the world stage.

The IHM, inspired by the success of the International Tourism Fair Madagascar (ITM), will be held from 20 to 23 June 2023, coinciding with the ITM but with two separate entrances. This strategy of twinning the two events illustrates the growing importance of crafts in the island’s tourism ecosystem.

With more than 105 exhibitors expected, the IHM will provide an unrivalled platform for Madagascan craftspeople to showcase their work to an international audience. « Buyers can meet directly with Madagascar’s experienced craftsmen and exporters, facilitating fair and sustainable trade, » says Randriamandranto.

The organisation of the IHM is part of an overall strategy aimed at boosting Madagascar’s craft sector through three main axes: training craft professionals, supporting the search for raw materials and promoting commercial outlets. This holistic approach demonstrates the government’s commitment to placing the craft industry at the heart of Madagascar’s economic and tourism development.

The event promises not only to highlight the richness and diversity of Madagascan craftsmanship, but also to strengthen business links with importers of handicrafts. By creating a space dedicated to the direct exhibition of designers, the IHM intends to eliminate intermediaries, ensuring fair remuneration for artisans and an instructive experience for buyers.

The International Handicraft Fair Madagascar is shaping up to be a not-to-be-missed event for all those with a passion for crafts and culture. Through this initiative, Madagascar is asserting itself not only as a choice tourist destination, but also as a bastion of creativity and craftsmanship, ready to conquer the world market with its products steeped in history and know-how.

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