Quad safari to meet Madagascar’s exotic animals.

The quad’s accessibility and flexibility make it possible to navigate Madagascar’s different types of terrain. The experience of being immersed in different landscapes becomes satisfying. Quad biking is special compared to other types of touring. Access to sites is easier, allowing you to plunge deeper into nature. It’s also easier to spot emblematic species. In particular sites, lemurs, chameleons, birds, lizards and endemic snakes are among the fauna to be seen and immortalized.

For exclusive access, enjoy the benefits of a quad safari as you explore Madagascar’s wildlife.

Admitting to a quad safari brings many advantages. Increased flexibility and accessibility give variation and freedom of movement. Remote sites that are difficult to access open up to your quad. A unique opportunity for photography comes to you during your observations. Feel your adrenalin as you make your way through the winding trails of Madagascar’s wilderness.

Quad bikes minimize disturbance to wildlife. Safe proximity optimizes your observations. Wonder lingers at every turn. Grow with the flexibility of quad biking and enjoy experiences such as:

  • Crossing the lush rainforest of Ranomafana, Andasibe Mantadia, Marojejy
  • Visit the paradise beaches of Nosy be, Nosy Iranja and Ifaty.
  • Climb mountain ranges such as Andringitra, Tsaratanna ,Ankaratra.
  • Reach nature reserves, including Isalo, Anja Reserve, Masoala Park and Kirindy.
  • Contemplate rivers and lakes (lac alaotra, tritriva). Crossing waterways is another adventure.

Explore the sites where quad safaris are available.

Isalo National Park :

The Isalo National Park in southern Madagascar is one of the world’s most famous quad-biking sites. Its canyons, gorges, rock formations and pools will tempt you with your machine. The lemurs, endemic birds and plants will arouse your curiosity, and you’ll be amazed by every discovery.

Andringitra Mountains :

In the Andringitra mountains, the Anja special reserve is home to lemurs. Learn about ring-tailed lemurs or lemur cata on a quad bike. Get your camera ready after learning more about their behavior.

Ranomafana national Park :

A marvel of nature, Ranomafana Park offers enormous temptations. Several species of chameleon, colorful frogs, lemurs and rare birds make up the wildlife panoply. In an ecosystem framed by waterfalls and hot springs, your quad biking experience will fill you with unforgettable happiness.

Andohahela Reserve :

In the south of Madagascar, the Andohahela reserve welcomes quads to explore a wide variety of environments. The steep profile invites you to take the racer through landscapes ranging from lowlands to steep mountains. The unique species you seek out pass before your eyes like an interactive book.

Masoala national Park :

Masoala National Park, in the north-east of Madagascar, gives you the opportunity to explore the diversity of its fauna. Bathe in a flora associated with white sands and tropical forest. Nocturnal lemurs, rare birds and marine biodiversity make this site famous. Just respect nature by following the conservation rules.

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