The endemic fauna of Madagascar

Discover the unique fauna of Madagascar: meet lemurs, birds, reptiles and endemic amphibians!

Madagascar protects a variety of animals that are unique in the world. These include birds, lemurs, reptiles and amphibians. They all present a great diversity. Explore these fascinating animals, and opt for the recommended itineraries to meet them.

See these lemurs :

  • The Indri indri or sifaka : has a black and white coat. Its powerful hind legs tune its leaps.
  • The microcebus :nocturnal with huge eyes, the smallest weighs only 30 grams.
  • The nocturnal sports lemur :dark red in colour, with bright eyes.
  • Catta lemur : grey and white coat characterised by a black and white ringed tail, has bright yellow eyes.
  • The variegated lemur : appears in reddish red fur with a black and white tail
  • The dark brown bamboo lemur : has a pointed snout and a bushy tail.

Find the winged treasures of Madagascar, the birds :

Madagascar has a mosaic of endemic birds, depending on their habitat.

  • The land birds :
    • The serpentine, a small long-tailed eagle, feeding on chameleons and geckos.
    • The Long-tailed Brachypteron, the only representative of the genus uratelornis, feeds on invertebrates. It appears in grey and blue plumage.
  • Aquatic birds :
    • The Cattle Heron, found in rice fields.
    • Bernier’s Teal, a species of duck found in rivers and lakes.
    • The Malagasy Kingfisher, a small aquatic bird endemic to Madagascar that feeds on fish and dresses in multicoloured plumage.
    • The Malagasy Grebe, a small aquatic bird found in lakes and ponds.
  • Legendary birds of Madagascar :

Museums exhibit these birds in fossil form, including the Aepyornis. Weighing 500 kg, it has small wings. Its powerful legs give it a running speed.

  • Birds involved in beliefs :

The degrading ecosystem and the beliefs risk making them disappear.

  • The Madagascar eagle or ankoay, nocturnal, in Malagasy belief this bird symbolises evil.
  • The hawk, this atypical bird is a reminder of the power of the Malagasy monarchy at the time.

Explore the endemic reptiles and amphibians :

Half of the world’s chameleon species are found in Madagascar:

  • The panther chameleon
  • The Jackson’s chameleon
  • The dwarf chameleon
  • The fat-tailed gecko
  • The leaf-tailed gecko

Madagascar has several endemic snake species :

  • Madagascar Blind snake

Several species of frogs are also endemic to Madagascar :

  • The Madagascar tree frog
  • The Madagascar tomato frog, its bright red colour and rounded shape distinguish it.

Which route to choose to enjoy the observation of these exceptional living gems :

Starting from Antananarivo, follow this itinerary for a well organised adventure through Madagascar!

  • Andasibe-Mantadia National Park features the indri lemur, the largest lemur, and also the territory of the kingfisher of Madagascar.
  • Ranomafana National Park offers you vari lemurs, sifaka lemurs and bamboo lemurs, as well as endemic birds.
  • Go to the Isalo National Park through hikes in the canyons and gorges. You’ll see catta lemurs and endemic birds.
  • At Ankarafantsika National Park, a dry forest in southern Madagascar, catch a glimpse of lemurs and endemic birds.
  • Visit the Kirindy Mitea National Park and get the chance to look for nocturnal lemurs. The endemic birds will also be there.
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