The Royal hill of Ambohimanga : A historical treasure of Madagascar

A pillar of Malagasy identity

Situated in the geographical heart of Madagascar, just a few kilometers from the capital Antananarivo, the royal hill of Ambohimanga emerges as a sacred sanctuary and a living testimony to the history of the Malagasy kingdom. Once the religious and political capital of the country in the 19th century, it now embodies the quintessence of Malagasy identity and its cultural heritage. It is an atypical place where every Malagasy, coming from the four corners of the island, does not hesitate to visit to seek grace from the kings of ancient times.

A historical and cultural relic

Comprising a royal city, funerary sites, and sacred places, the hill of Ambohimanga is a true relic of Madagascar’s cultural richness, specifically for the Merina ethnic group. Indeed, Ambohimanga is the cradle of the expansion of the Kingdom of Imerina, known today across various regions from Antananarivo and its surroundings. For over five centuries, it has attracted pilgrims and visitors eager to discover its exceptional architecture and landscape steeped in history. A remarkable witness to Austronesian culture, it venerates ancestor worship and perpetuates ancestral agricultural practices.

A journey through time: The Royal Palace Mahandrihono

Atop this sacred hill stands the Royal Palace Mahandrihono, the former residence of the great king Andrianampoinimerina, who led and unified the twelve hills of Madagascar. Visitors can explore this historically laden palace, as well as the queen’s summer palace and the royal conference halls. During your visit, a guide, well-versed in culture and possessing a deep knowledge of Malagasy history, recounts for you point by point the lifestyles and political practices of the ancient kings of Imerina. Accompanied by gestures on how to avoid fady, he offers you a captivating immersion into the country’s history.

A living symbol of Malagasy history

The royal hill of Ambohimanga, with its architectural beauty and exceptional cultural landscape, bears witness to the great periods of Malagasy history. It is an emblematic place where the past and present converge, offering visitors an unforgettable experience and a profound understanding of Madagascar’s identity and cultural richness.

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