Tsarasaotra Park is the ideal starting point for your birdwatching trip to Madagascar.

On our birdwatching trips, we always start with a visit to Tsarasaotra. Although this park is not renowned for birdwatching, it is a wonderful place to explore, especially given its location not far from the town centre.

Imagine a charming lake surrounded by eucalyptus, camphor, rushes and papyrus, with a small green island in the middle. It’s not just a body of water – it’s a haven for a variety of birds, especially herons and ducks.

During the hunting season, Tsarasaotra is crucial to the survival of 14 species and subspecies of waterbirds endemic to Madagascar.

On Madagascar’s high plateaux, this is the only place where you can find the endangered Madagascar Pond Heron and other vulnerable species such as the Meller’s Duck. And that’s not all! In addition to its ecological wealth, the park contains historical remains that add to its appeal.

Unfortunately, Lake Tsarasaotra is facing a number of environmental challenges, including eutrophication and erosion.

 At present, no management plan has been drawn up to protect this precious ecosystem. This is why we believe it is essential to raise awareness and mobilise the community around the preservation of this park.

So join us on our birding tours and contribute to the preservation of this exceptional site.

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