Where only the intrepid in search of a challenge dare to venture in Madagascar.

Madagascar abounds in sites dedicated to intrepid adventurers with a passion for physical and moral testing. Extreme activities are on offer, from trekking in difficult-to-access sites to vertiginous rock climbing.

Test your limits in must-see locations for adventurous hikers and canyoneers!

Massif du Mankay :

The Makay massif in southwest Madagascar is home to a unique biodiversity in a landscape of canyons and rainforests. As a landlocked massif, it is a refuge for many of Madagascar’s endemic species, threatened elsewhere on the island.
The Makay region is an essential source of water for many important rivers. To explore this region, it’s crucial to have a trustworthy driver, an experienced guide and a 4×4 vehicle in good condition. Without a guide, there is a high risk of getting lost in the region’s endless labyrinths. Fortunately, tour operators can take care of the logistics, including porters and meals, during Makay tours. For your own safety, be sure to report your presence to the « Nature Évolution » office before entering the area. We recommend visiting during the dry season for the best experience.

Mikea Forest :

In south-west Madagascar, discover the magnificent Mikea forests, located near Morondava. To get there, take a dirt road by car to the edge of the forest. Mikea is a mysterious forest with no landmarks on the horizon, offering an unrivalled adventure for thrill-seekers. It’s essential not to get lost, as the risk is high without the accompaniment of an experienced guide. This wild landscape requires careful preparation before venturing out.

An indigenous people, the Mikea, live in the forest by gathering and hunting. Discreet, the chance of meeting them is very slim. They avoid all contact with foreigners. It’s best to meet them through local organizations or special guides. In this way, they agree to share their knowledge of the forest.

Try our destinations for climbing enthusiasts

Culminating at 800 meters, the « Pitons de la Table » meet the expectations of hikers and climbers alike. The twin rocky peaks in the village of Andranovao in Tuléar are a real thrill for climbers.

Before the ascent, spend the night at the foot of the pitons, in a camp. A guide will explain the conditions for accessing the site and provide you with the necessary equipment. A four-hour hike takes you to the summit, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the region. You can also spot chameleons, numerous bird species and lemurs along the way.

Choose among these peaks for climbing, depending on your level of difficulty:
  • Falaise de l’Ouaki, 5S to 7 b, 200 m long.
  • Falaise de Linta, 5 c to 6 c. 150 m long.
  • Falaise d’Andalava, 5a to 7 a. 120 m long.

The Ankarana massif, a destination for adventure, hiking and climbing enthusiasts, is located 100 km from Diego Suarez. This limestone massif extends over 18,000 ha.

Explore the massif by hiking, from half a day to several days. Tours can be organized for half a day to several days. Accompany experienced guides.

For climbing enthusiasts, 200 routes are available for traditional and sporty climbs. Different levels of difficulty (some very technical) are available. Accompanied by an experienced guide.

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