Where to dive in Madagascar?

Madagascar, a renowned diving destination, appears to be the first choice. Because of its rich underwater biodiversity, join these places allowing you to satisfy your passion in diving. For unique experiences and discoveries, the coasts of Madagascar invite you to make a succession of new dreams. Underwater locations, rich in endemic fauna, are spread out to satisfy your passions and curiosities.

The best places for diving in Madagascar:

At Nosy Be :

Nosy Be, an island located on the northwest coast of Madagascar, presents some great diving spots. Several shipwrecks around Nosy Be attract a wide variety of marine species. A pass located between Nosy Be and the island of Nosy Komba, is known for its sharks, dolphins, turtles and schools of fish. Caves and underwater tunnels provide excellent exploration for divers.

Marine reserve of Nosy Tanikely :

The marine reserve of Nosy Tanikely, a small island located about 45 minutes by boat from Nosy Be, opens its diving sites to you. Famous for its diversified coral reefs, its abundant marine fauna captivates the appetite of divers.

Sainte Marie Island :

A remarkable diving spot, revealing rare species such as humpback whales, manta rays and whale sharks, is located on Sainte Marie Island. La Passe en T, located in the north of the island, offers divers underwater caves and tunnels. The Pointe de L’Est, grants a great variety of underwater landscapes. Near the Ile aux Nattes, the waterfalls, with underwater canyons, abound in a variety of species.

The South of Madagascar :

The pass of Sarodrano, 30 minutes by boat from Tulear, draws its rays, its groupers and its schools of colored fish. The bay of Saint-Augustin, shallow, defines an admirable place for snorkeling. The drop off of Anakao displays its reputation with its morays, lion fish and parrot fish.

Nosy Tanikely :

Nosy Tanikely, near Nosy Be, is home to a national marine park, the Grande Passe, the petite passe, the grotte. They present themselves for sensational diving experiences. They also shelter a gigantic marine fauna.

L’archipel de Radama and Nosy Iranja :

The archipelago of Radama is a group of islets located on the coast north of Mahajanga. A paradise for divers, it provides warm and crystal clear waters as well as exceptional diving sites. Nosy Iranja is another famous diving destination in Madagascar. Located in the Radama archipelago, it offers a wide variety of sites. Feel the taste of adventures with its shallow reefs to the vertiginous drop offs through its wrecks.

Mitsio archipelago :

The Mitsio archipelago, off the northeast coast of Madagascar, holds a wide variety of diving sites. Known for its natural beauty and its underwater environment rich in biodiversity, it enchants the divers of the world. Explore shallow reefs and shipwrecks. We can also mention the Tombants de la Grande Mitsio, the Caves of the Turtle, the Faults of the Turtle, the Plateaux of the Turtle, the Shark Islands and the Eastern Pass. Divers can observe tropical fish, turtles, sharks, rays, in colorful corals.

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