Would you like more adventure in Madagascar? Try these charming hotels.

Set off on an adventure with charming hotels during your stay in Madagascar. These charming cottages create an intimate and friendly atmosphere for their guests. Find the enchantment of modern comfort and traditional architecture in harmony. Wherever you are, on the beach, in the forest, in national parks or in town, you’ll find a charming hotel. Recognize the hospitality of the Malagasy people, who make you feel right at home.

Give in to the seductions of charming downtown hotels in Madagascar.

Colbert Hotel :

The Hotel Colbert, in Antananarivo’s central district, offers guests accommodation where well-being and the charm of the past come together. A friendly atmosphere generated by original architecture welcomes you openly. In addition to personalized service, enjoy the peaceful setting of its interior garden.

You can visit their website here : Hotel Colbert

Sakamanga :

Sakamanga, a popular option in Antananarivo for tourists looking for charming accommodation, is located in a lively neighborhood. Rooms are decorated with local touches. International and Malagasy cuisine will tantalize your taste buds, while the common area is decorated with greenery and flowers.

You can visit their website here : Sakamanga Hotel

Le Louvre Antananarivo :

 The central location of Hotel Le Louvre in Antananarivo provides easy access to a wide range of attractions. Rooms are conveniently furnished with both modern and traditional amenities. Treat yourself to massages and spas. Some rooms offer panoramic views of Antananarivo.

You can visit their website here : Le Louvre Antananarivo

Luxury lodges in nature reserves offer an unforgettable getaway.

Mandrare River Camp :

In southern Madagascar, surrounded by a sisal plantation, the Mandrare River Camp is set on the banks of a river. The camp offers an authentic experience in the heart of the Madagascan wilderness. Opulent safari tents make up the bivouac. Soak up the natural ambience with ease. These shelters offer comfortable beds, private bathrooms and terraces. Be in tune with the environment. A convivial atmosphere serves meals in the open air.

You can visit their website here : Mandrare River Camp

Palmarium hotel :

The Palmarium hotel on Madagascar’s east coast, on the shores of Lake Ampitabe, boasts an unique climate. Traditional wooden bungalows and luxury bivouacs make up the accommodation. Surprisingly, the surrounding area is ideal for nature excursions (plants, lemurs, birds, etc.). Enjoy the spa and swimming pool after your activities.

Stimulate your senses with these charming Malagasy seaside hotels.

Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge :

Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge, 2 h 30 north-east of Fort Dauphin, is a charming retreat. Close to the Manafiafy nature reserve, it offers a tranquil oceanfront retreat. Choose from beachfront bungalows on stilts or forest cottages. A magnificent seaside view will drive you crazy. Whale-watch, hike and stroll along the beach to join in the fun.

Island elegance? It’s about being transported to the serenity of these charming island hotels.

Anjajavy :

Hotel Anjajavy is located on Madagascar’s northwest coast, in the Majunga region. It is located in a nature reserve, offering a secluded, unspoilt setting. To reach the hotel, take a domestic flight from Antananarivo to Anjajavy airport. Take a short boat transfer to get there. This special location brings the beauty of nature to Anjajavy l’Hôtel.

You can visit their website here : Anjajavy

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