Madagascar’s extraordinary restaurants.

Bewitching, Madagascar’s restaurants at sight provide a breathtaking postcard. Wherever you are in the country, these guesthouses welcome you with open arms. Choose from a variety of locations to satisfy your hunger for adventure and dreams. First, explore the restaurants on view in the capital and in the mountainous region. Vibrate with those in the nature reserves. Magnificent are the taverns on the coasts with superb panoramas. Expect other exceptional sites that will give you ecstasy in unexpected places while you enjoy your meals.

Enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area from the restaurants on the hills.

La varangue :

© Pic by Restaurant and Hotel La Varangue

Located in a historic district of Antananarivo, « le restaurant La varangue » offers a charming setting. In addition to dazzling views of the surrounding hills, its refined cuisine is a real crowd-pleaser. Look out for La Varangue near the Hôtel Colbert Antaninarenina.

Hôtel des Thermes :

Close to the famous spa town of Antsirabe, the Hôtel des Thermes with its restaurant opens onto a captivating panorama. From the elevated terrace, take in the tranquility of the heights and verdant valleys. Take in the mountain scenery while feasting on deliciously prepared dishes.

Preserve your pleasure with restaurants on view in nature reserves.

Relais de l’Isalo :
Kevin Hilairet Relais de la Reine

The « Relais de l’Isalo » restaurant, at the entrance to the park, offers a beautiful view coupled with tasty meals. The breathtaking landscape can be seen through a bay window. But you can also opt for an alfresco snack on a terrace.

Le Setam Lodge :

© Pic by Setam Lodge

« The Ranomafana Nature Reserve, in southeastern Madagascar, presents itself as « Le Setam Lodge ». Its esplanade overlooks the valley from a height. Overlooking the Namorona River, the restaurant stands in front of the park’s forest. The greenery of the reserve and the surrounding massifs create a singular backdrop.

Between land and sea, enjoy the sights and sounds of coastal restaurants and beaches.

Coco Beach Experiences :

© Pic by Coco Beach Experiences

Magnificent is Nosy Be, as far as the restaurant « le coco beach » is concerned. With tables on the beach, get a wide view of the Indian Ocean. The tasting of the cuisine, combining Malagasy and international menus, accentuates the beauty of the image in front of you.

La Petite Traversée :

« La Petite Traversée, located on Île aux nattes and perched on a Coline, offers a panoramic view of the waves. Its position accentuates the effect of the expansive sea view. Admire the crystal-clear waters and white sand, shaded by palm trees swaying in the wind. Revel in the atmosphere of brunch and entertainment, not to mention the beauty of the backdrop.

Escape to a paradise other than mountains, beaches or reserves.

Le Lac Hôtel :

The hotel-restaurant « Le Lac Hôtel » is located near Lake Sahambavy. Magnificent natural landscapes surround it. It offers an original lakeside setting. Enjoy a soothing view while tasting international and Malagasy dishes. Why this choice? It’s a popular place for tourists visiting the Sahambavy tea plantation to venture out by train.

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