Fantastic photo locations in Madagascar.

The era of the smartphone revolution, drones and digital cameras is transforming you into photographers. The race for the most beautiful photo is on! For photo-enthusiasts, we suggest you the top 5 photo locations in Madagascar.

Prove the subtlety of Madagascar with these 5 unique photographic sites.

Mont Passot Nosy Be :

Nosy be’s Mont Passot is ideal for photos of its surroundings. Its imposing summit gives the impression of touching the sky. The climb takes 1 hour. It’s best to start at 4.30 p.m. As you climb, the landscape becomes more stunning. Over the crystal-clear turquoise ocean of Nosy Be, a panoramic view fills you with wonder. At the end of the day, the view becomes even more breathtaking. An unforgettable ambience, formed by the color of the sky and water, is the perfect setting for a photograph. At sunset, the rendering of Mont Passot offers a precious moment for your photos.

PIC Boby Andringitra :

Offer a photographic gem on Pic Boby in Fianarantsoa. See it in the heart of the Andringitra National Park, as Madagascar’s second highest point. It forms a natural climatic barrier. Clouds from the east come to huddle around it, decorating a sublime view of the rice paddies. The ideal time to take out your camera is sunrise and sunset. An enchanting atmosphere of light and shadow makes for a magical capture. The flora and fauna join the captivating subjects of your photos. Make sure you have a wide-angle lens for the immensity of the landscape. The detail of the flora and fauna requires a telephoto lens.

The Pic Saint-Louis Fort-Dauphin :

The Pic Saint-Louis in Fort-Dauphin is located in the south-east of Madagascar and offers fantastic views over the town and its surroundings. The patchwork of modern buildings and colonial architecture in the town of Fort Dauphin provides a unique backdrop for the images. A steep, hour-long path leads to the top of the peak. The panorama of the bay and ocean in the background makes for stunning reproductions. Ask about the weather conditions, which are highly variable. Make sure you bring safety equipment for this trip.

Baobab Avenue :

Take in some of Madagascar’s most emblematic images on the Allée des Baobabs. Located on the national road between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina. The characteristic appearance of these trees gives a special impression in the shots. The best time of day to take photos is at sunrise and sunset. You’ll be able to take astonishing photos in which the colour of the sky merges with the uniqueness of the baobabs.

The Tsingy of Bemaraha :

The Tsingy du Bemaraha offer a wealth of opportunities to capture images of extraordinary beauty. The sharp, pointed rock formations are the result of millions of years of erosion. They unfold a singular landscape. Enjoy a wide range of subjects. Capture the light of sunrise over the Tsingy, illuminating the peaks and creating deep, contrasting shadows. Photograph endemic creatures such as lemurs, birds and chameleons. Blessed with lush forests and home to unique fauna, the tsingy offers unique opportunities for taking photographs.

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