The splendid beaches that leave you speechless.

Madagascar is a popular destination for its heavenly beaches, crystal clear waters and tropical climate. Its particularities and charms make it unique. Catalogue some of the best beaches in Madagascar.

Find the most beautiful seaside resorts in Madagascar by location:

Nosy Be and its surroundings

Nosy Be, an island located in the northwest of Madagascar, has many beaches. Its opaline sands, transparent waters and marine life contribute to its reputation. Here are some of Nosy Be’s most popular beaches

  • Andilana beach, considered the most fascinating on the island. Beautiful is the landscape painted in white, green and turquoise blue, on two twin bays. The fine alluviums, the seabed, the mangroves. The palm trees stand out around the beach.
  • Ambatololoaka, close to Ambondrona (neighbouring town) configures a long palm beach. Charming hotels serve not far from the shore. The greenery displays an idyllic setting with swimming pools.
  • Still in Nosy be, with Chanty Beach, a beach shaded by tropical vegetation for sunbathing under the palm trees.
  • Ampasindava, on the south coast of Nosy Be, takes advantage of its strategic location. It is nestled in the Lokobe reserve. Discover a succession of seasides, served by different paths.
  • Coco Beach is a quiet shelter with pleasant, colourless sands. Also join Nosy Antsoha, close to the shore, and meet some lovely lemur families.
  • Nosy Iranja, the island of turtles, gives the opportunity to perceive the marine reptiles. It is the place where they meet to lay their eggs.
  • Meet Nosy komba and Nosy tanikely, which are beaches with many hotels. Look for quiet places and aquariums.
  • Madirokely, one of the most famous and lively, provides relaxation, and the scene of a beautiful sunset view.

In the south of Madagascar

In the south, you can find beautiful shores on Nosy ve, Libanona, Ifaty, Anakao La Baie des assasins, Itampolo, Beheloka.

  • Nosy Ve is an uninhabited island with coral reefs and sandy beaches that can be reached by renting a pirogue.
  • The beach of Libanona, also known as the « Cote d’Azur » of Madagascar, has almost favourable climatic conditions for a stay for a long period of the year.
  • Ifaty, a wonderful bay on the south coast, provides peace and quiet. Check out the small hotels in the vicinity.
  • Anakao, a fishing village, is near Nosy ve. Find fantastic beaches, with white dunes immersed in a turquoise sea. In the vicinity, whale watching operates to your delight.
  • La Baie des Assassins is located close to the Mikea Forest. Enjoy its beauty and calm
  • Itampolo, suggests a huge edge with dunes as far as the eye can see.
  • Beheloka is one of these characteristic beaches. The occupants, the Vezo people, are fishermen.

Sainte Marie or Nosy Boraha

In Sainte Marie, surrounded by beautiful beaches, allowing whale watching. Nosy Nato, an island accessible by pirogue, opens onto bays with palm trees housing bungalows. You can enjoy an exploration of the island on foot.


In Majunga there are: Plage Antsanitia, Plage d’Amborovy, Plage d’Anjanjavy, Plage de la baie de Moramba.


Here you will find Kimony beach.

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