Fort-Dauphin, is a city located in the South-East of Madagascar, at about 1000 km from Antananarivo, it is part of one of the most beautiful coasts of the island. The city is nestled on a narrow stretch of coastline, bordered on one side by lush vegetation and on the other by the golden beaches of the Indian Ocean. The region offers a particular panorama, it presents an assortment of landscapes at the same time green, desert and mountainous. It is in this exceptional natural setting that Fort-Dauphin (or Taolagnaro) is located, a coastal city offering a multitude of activities to its visitors. With its white sandy beaches, tropical forests and green mountains, Fort-Dauphin is a real jewel of nature that you must discover.

For history lovers :

For the history buffs, the city of Taolagnaro is a historic city that keeps vestiges of the past. The history of Fort-Dauphin dates back to 1643, when the French first landed in a Mahafaly village called Sainte-Luce. Etienne de Flacourt had a fort built there, which became the most important place of the French counters. In homage to Louis XIV, the fort was named Fort-Dauphin. Over the years, Fort-Dauphin became a popular trading base for fleets passing through the Indian Ocean, where bartering with the inhabitants flourished. The history of the city is also linked to the pirates, whose legends tell that their treasures still lie at the bottom of the sea, not far from Fort-Dauphin.

Fort-Dauphin one of the leading destinations :

Fort-Dauphin is a leading tourist destination in Madagascar, due to its exceptional biodiversity, picturesque bays, green mountains and spectacular creeks. This city offers many opportunities for recreation and relaxation in an idyllic natural setting, with lush vegetation, sandy beaches and diverse fauna and flora. Fort-Dauphin also has a rich and fascinating history, which is highlighted in the village of Sainte-Luce, where tourists can admire historical monuments such as Fort Flacourt or Fort des Portugais.

The reserves to be visited in Fort-Dauphin :

There are several nature reserves to visit in Fort-Dauphin during a stay. There are three nature reserves for a complete discovery of the local biodiversity: the reserve of Berenty, the one of Nahampoana and the national park of Andohahela.

The Berenty Reserve :

located about 80 kilometers from Fort-Dauphin, is a must for nature and wildlife lovers. The route through the reserve includes a visit to the thorn forest and the nepenthe carnivorous plant reserve. The Mandrare River valley also offers a stunning landscape, with its vast plantations of sisal that blend with other plant species in the area.

Nahampoana Reserve :

Only 7 km from Fort-Dauphin. The reserve of Nahampoana is an ideal place to relax. You can enjoy the calm and serenity of the reserve by relaxing at the edge of a waterfall or a natural pool. The reserve is a real jewel case of nature sheltering a great diversity of endemic plants, which cohabit harmoniously with a magnificent forest of bamboos.

Andohahela National Park :

Andohahela Park is a real jewel of nature that deserves to be discovered. This national park is characterized by its great diversity of ecosystems. The park is home to an exceptional fauna, with the presence of rare species such as the Iguanidaes. The park is also home to thirteen species of lemurs, including the red-collared lemur and the Microcebe, the smallest nocturnal lemur. In addition, the park is full of endemic plants such as the trihedron palm and the Vanilla Madagascariensis.

The nautical activities to practice in Fort-Dauphin :

Fort-Dauphin is an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts. Lake Vinanibe, located near the city, is a real paradise for windsurfers and flysurfers. For beach lovers, the city has several beautiful coves, including Libanona, which is ideal for those who want to bask in the sun. Surfers will find their happiness on the beaches of Ankoba and Faux-Cap. Finally, there are also boat trips that allow you to discover the beauty of the bay of Lokaro and the Mandrare valley.

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