Sainte Marie

Sainte Marie Madagascar is an ideal destination for a family stay

Sainte-Marie, also known as Nosy Boraha, is a small tropical island located off the east coast of Madagascar. This vacation destination offers an idyllic landscape of small fishing villages and pristine beaches. It is a popular destination for its authenticity and preservation, offering visitors a real change of scenery. The island is accessible by plane or by boat from the coastal town of Toamasina.
In this article, we will present you the activities not to be missed during a family trip to Sainte-Marie, as well as the recommended accommodations for your stay.

Why choose Sainte Marie as a travel destination:

Sainte-Marie is a destination of choice for families looking for an authentic experience and an unforgettable vacation in an enchanting setting! This small, sweet and enchanting island is a true little paradise that has not yet been touched by mass tourism. You will be delighted to discover its rich historical and cultural heritage, as well as its incredible biodiversity which shelters various fascinating species. Water activities, such as kitesurfing, diving, mountain biking and climbing, will satisfy the most sporty of the family. The hotels are welcoming and offer prices to suit all budgets, providing a haven for relaxation. While exploring the island on hikes, you can also meet the local population and discover their unique way of life.

What to do at Saint Marie :

There is a wide variety of activities on Sainte Marie Island for all tastes and ages. Water sports enthusiasts can dive, kite surf and deep sea fish in the crystal clear waters. And for those looking for something more tranquil, opt for a lazy day on the beach or visit Ile aux Nattes to explore small fishing villages and observe marine life. For families looking for cultural activities, Sainte-Marie Island has historical sites such as a pirate cemetery, which provide insight into the island’s fascinating history. Finally, for adventure seekers, you can rent quads to explore the island’s trails and discover the natural wonders. In addition to the activities we’ve mentioned, it’s also possible to watch the humpback whales that migrate through the waters around the Island from July to September. You can take a boat to see these magnificent creatures up close and enjoy a unique moment. Whale watching is one of the most popular activities on the island.

Where to stay in Sainte Marie :

Sainte-Marie offers families many lodging options to suit all budgets. From luxury hotels to small family bungalows, there is something for everyone. Most of the hotels are located along the beach with an unobstructed view of the sea. Families can also choose guesthouses or smaller bungalows located near fishing villages, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in local life. Hotels often offer activities in addition to accommodation, such as boat trips, diving excursions or horseback riding. In short, no matter which accommodation you choose, you are sure to find a warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere on Sainte-Marie Island.

When to come to Sainte Marie :

If you plan to visit Sainte Marie, we recommend planning your trip between June and August. These summer months offer the most favorable weather conditions for exploring the island, with average temperatures around 12°C. It is important to note that the months of January, February, October and December should be avoided due to unfavorable weather conditions as the risk of rainfall is higher and can disrupt your activities. Therefore, it is best to check the weather forecast before planning a trip. In any case, depending on the season, the beauty of the island and the activities it offers are diverse. So you can choose the time that suits you best to explore the island.

Overall, Sainte Marie is an ideal destination for a family vacation. This unspoiled island in Madagascar offers an idyllic setting to recharge and escape. Rich in culture and a variety of water and land-based activities, Sainte Marie is the perfect place for families to combine adventure, relaxation and discovery. If you’re planning a trip to Sainte Marie, we can arrange private tours to suit your needs and provide you with an unforgettable experience. Contact us to learn more and start planning your next Sainte Marie adventure.

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