House architecture in Madagascar

Madagascar, a beautiful country of architectural diversity.

Madagascar, also rich in architectural history, presents a good number of styles in relation to construction. This manifests all its history since the feudal era through the colonial era to the contemporary moment. Note these different types of styles through the course of history.

Contemplate the different style of house building in Madagascar.

The traditional styles keeping its charms.

The architecture and the materials used for the construction of a Malagasy house depend on the resources on the ground, the cultures, and each region.

On the coasts of Madagascar, you can see buildings made of vegetal materials that stand out next to the houses made of clay. On the East coast for example, built with Ravinala (traveler’s tree), these houses are called « trano falafa », they are on stilts. The trunk of the « rapaka » is used as floors.

In the northern part of Madagascar, houses made of raffia (long-leaved trees) decorate the landscape. To protect themselves from snakes and mice, these houses are also on stilts. Receiving guests in resorts, is offered in bungalows made of plant materials.

malagasy house

On the high land, houses made of raw earth replace the wooden huts. Jean Laborde represents the great initiator of this construction method. Colored in orange, the walls painted with an amalgam of earth and lateritic earth, draw the landscape. Clad with thatched roofs, the frames of the houses are made of wood. A veranda supported by a pillar for the floor arranges the whole.
Singular the Zafimaniry houses assemble about twenty precious woods. A history through the details carved on the walls, the windows and the posts, makes itself known. A plus, everything is done manually.

Asian architectural styles, proof of cultural cohabitation.

Some architecture in Madagascar is of Asian origin. The commercial exchanges, and the migrations of the Asian people favor the introduction of this appearance.

For the majority, the Chinese style most present, is characterized by glazed tiles in color. The decorative motifs and the interior garden escape its representativeness. Encountered in particular in the cities of Tamatave and Antananarivo, these houses are born particularly in the large cities.

The Indian style is another Asian twist present in Madagascar. Adorned with bright colors and gilding, decorative patterns, the construction uses materials such as stones and woods.

Finally, the Japanese style is rare in Madagascar. The inspiration by some modern houses exists however. Characteristically, the steep roofs, the sliding doors, the interior garden, reflects this style. Minimalism, simplicity and functionality testify its assets.

Confirming the evolution, modern houses in Madagascar display many of its architectural styles.

An evolution has marked the appearance of modern houses in Madagascar. The current houses are becoming popular, especially in urban areas. Equipped with solar panels and rainwater collection systems, the walls of these houses are made of concrete. They are designed to provide maximum comfort for their owners. The cost is high, but for a quality habitat, it is a choice for most Malagasy.

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