Madagascar: the ideal destination for a luxury tour

You are planning to go far away and taste the beauty of a unique island in the world by opting for a luxury tour. One of the most popular destinations at the moment: Madagascar, an island in the heart of the Indian Ocean promising you an unforgettable luxury tour. Let’s discover together the sites to visit during your stay in Madagascar!

Luxury travel : To better appreciate Madagascar

Vivy travel Madagascar promises you an unforgettable luxury tour during your stay on the island. We’ll make you discover an exceptional and well selected accommodation during the visits of the sites that we include in our tourist circuits.

For a tailor-made stay, let’s go to the luxury island that is Nosy be. Our agency guarantees you an unforgettable stay by concocting for you an exceptional program including a stay in a luxury hotel offering a breathtaking view on the sea. We’ll make you discover impressive places where you can indulge in many maritime or terrestrial activities.

The beaches of Nosy be are recognized as being the most idyllic in the world. They are favorable to sea bathing on horseback, quad rides… It is also in Nosy be that the team of Vivy travelMadagascar will take you on board a yacht to visit the neighboring islands. Days on board of Catamaran will make you appreciate the beauty and the maritime richness: an impressive sunset, dolphins playing in calm waters….
During your luxury tour in Nosy be, you’ll also visit the neighboring islands such as Nosy Komba, Nosy Iranja… that small paradise islands.

Impressive sites to visit on a luxury tour

Madagascar is rich in biodiversity! But its small islands are as impressive as each other. Why not organize a luxury tour to combine relaxation and discovery?

Among the favorable destinations for a luxury tour in Madagascar, there is the orchid island which is considered to be the most authentic island of Madagascar. This tour will transport you to a second universe where you will discover an intact and rich nature because we plant wonders like vanilla, pepper, raffia, and a whole lot of medicinal plant. This corner of paradise is the favorite destination of luxury travelers who love snorkeling.

If luxury tour is synonymous with discovery too, Vivy travel Madagascar invites you to discover the Ranomafana park located in the center of the island. You will appreciate the lemurs of different kinds but especially the golden bamboo lemur. There are more than a dozen varieties of lemurs in this park. You can also see all kinds of chameleons, giraffe beetles and different kinds of birds.

Why not complete your luxury tour in Madagascar with a visit to the Tsingy de Bemaraha? This luxury destination will allow you to appreciate a unique landscape of limestone pinnacle of about 45 meters. The Tsingy are home to all kinds of endemic animals: reptiles, insects of all kinds. The visit of the caves as well as the crossing of the suspension bridge will only embellish your luxury tour in this part of Madagascar.
During your stay, you will settle in 4 stars hotels, where you will be pampered and especially spoiled with tasty dishes typically Malagasy. We are waiting for you!

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