Malagasy Flavors:


Madagascar is an island full of plants with unique specificities. Unknown to the majority, known only to the amateurs in the matter, you would be surprised of the possible uses of these plants. We offer you an opportunity to dive into the heart of the Red Island and discover the emblematic flavors of the country.With Vivy Travel Madagascar, discover more and learn new things.

The originality of Malagasy flavors

Madagascar vanilla

In 2022, 2300 tons of vanilla were exported from Madagascar. Unique in the world, with a vanillin content higher than the world average, Madagascar vanilla contains 1.4% vanillin by mass. Being produced mainly in the SAVA region in the North-East, vanilla goes through a long process before being exported. Note that it must be hand-pollinated, scalded, dried and refined after harvest. The vanilla bean only becomes fragrant after this complex treatment, hence its exorbitant price.

Madagascar vanillin has an exceptional fragrance and is used in all dishes. Sweet, tasty, it is added to desserts such as fruits, custards, ice cream, pancakes. By associating it with chocolate or arranged rums, you will have an exquisite aroma. Enhance also your savory dishes with vanilla: shellfish, vegetables, vinaigrettes, marinara. To preserve your pod, wrap it in wax paper and a plastic bag.

The Malagasy cocoa

Madagascar is the only country where you can get 100% fine cocoa. Exceptional, intense, the cocoa from Sambirano has the varieties « Amelonados » and « Criollos » and is produced at 6000 tons. Having been studied, Malagasy cocoa has demonstrated a unique aroma in the world, each cocoa tree has its own essence and produces a chocolate that is always different! Let yourself be carried away by its citrus flavors, its fruity fragrance and its moderate bitterness. From the cocoa of Madagascar are born the famous chocolates: Robert, Menakao and the Millot Plantation.

Clove of Madagascar

The large clove plantations are located on the east coast of the Red Island. Pungent, aromatic, the flower buds of the clove trees are picked before their maturity. By being dried in the sun, they take a brown color and we obtain cloves with inimitable perfumes. Cloves can be used in sweet foods such as gingerbread. Once ground, the clove also enters the composition of the four spices.

Madagascar has clove trees of unparalleled quality and clove is very present in cooking. Slightly bitter, woody, hot, clove is used to flavor broths, soups, marinades, simmered dishes and sauerkraut. When used in charcuterie, it is an ideal flavoring for pasta, sausages, hams. Use it to prepare your cheeses and mulled wines, it is ideal and has an outstanding flavor. Moreover, clove has a warming effect and thus ensures a good digestion.

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