Madagascar’s must-sees, a mosaic of treasures.

Far beyond its beaches and postcard clichés, there are other Madagascar must-sees. Waterfalls plunge into a lush landscape. Spas and massages in thermal waters guarantee relaxation. Impressive grottoes will amaze you on your hikes.

Reach the admirable natural oases of Madagascar’s waterfalls.

Madagascar’s many rivers and rainfall produce a number of natural waterfalls.

The Andringitra waterfalls

The Andringitra waterfalls, on the RN7, are a magnificent sight. They reveal lush vegetation. Legend has it that the twin waterfalls of Riandahy and Riambavy (male and female waterfalls) are sacred places. These two waterfalls are the largest, with a height of around 60 metres. Riamposy is smaller, but just as typical. A circuit makes the climb easier.

The Antomboka Falls,

The Antomboka Falls, in the Diana region, in the heart of Amber Mountain, are 62 m high. They owe their reputation to Amber Mountain. These waterfalls, shaded by ferns, make a great backdrop for selfie lovers and photo shoots. The Antomboka waterfalls spill over before arriving at the « great cursed lake ». In the immediate vicinity of Joffre Ville, they produce a veritable cool lodge. You can spot them as soon as you enter Diego Suarez.

The Nosy Be waterfall

The Nosy Be waterfall is a sacred place of worship and prayer. Note the trees surrounded by red and white cloth (the color of the Malagasy king), considered holy by the Malagasy. They wash themselves in the waterfall while praying. Take the opportunity to learn more about Malagasy culture.

Escape to absolute relaxation and Madagascar’s havens of well-being:

Nosy Be

Nosy Be offers wellness and spa services. Enjoy massages, aromatic baths and facials. Ylang-ylang and coconut are local products used for relaxation. Take advantage of the pleasant sea breeze to optimize your relaxation.

Sainte Marie

Many hotels and lodges on St Marie Island offer spa and relaxation services. Energize in a tranquil environment coupled with the benefits of nature.


A spa town in the highlands of Madagascar? Antsirabe welcomes you. Renowned for its thermal springs and establishments, it offers spas and relaxation cures. The natural fountains, renowned for their healing and relaxing properties, are an attraction for locals and tourists alike. Enjoy bubble baths, massages and body wraps with clay mud.

Explore the depths of Madagascar’s caves.

Lovers of caving and geology, opt for the destination of Anjohibe, in north-west Madagascar. These caves are home to moving rock formations. Discern stalactites and stalagmites, along with unique subterranean fauna.

Ankarana National Park in northern Madagascar is home to some impressive sandstone formations. These geological formations include caves, tunnels and dolines. The Ankarana Special Reserve is famous for its tsingy forest, where sharp limestone needles rise skyward, creating an extraordinary landscape.

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