Malagasy artistic culture

Enjoy the effect of knowing the Malagasy artistic culture

The artistic culture of Madagascar is a mixture of cultural influences of the different ethnic groups that make up the population of the island. Rich and diversified, the Malagasy artistic culture, offers multitudes of art and culture. It includes dance, music, sculpture, painting, basketry and pottery.

Discover how Madagascar’s ethnic diversity is reflected in its cultural art.

Offering a glimpse of the island’s cultural diversity, Madagascar’s artistic culture is unique and fascinating.

The different ethnic groups of Madagascar each have their own cultural and artistic traditions. For example, the Merina have developed a rich tradition of dance and music. The tradition of woodcarving belongs to the Sakalava of the northwest of the island. The weaving and basketry repute the Betsimisaraka of the northeast. Pottery, you will discover it at Les Bara, in the south.

The symbols and motifs used in the different art forms explain this ethnic diversity. Linked to the culture, beliefs and stories of each ethnic group, they each have their own meanings. In short, the Malagasy artistic culture is a mixture of cultural influences of the different ethnic groups that make up the population of Madagascar.

Enjoy each of these arts to immerse yourself in the Malagasy culture.

Embodying an important part of Malagasy artistic culture, traditional dances vary from one ethnic group to another. They are often performed during religious and cultural ceremonies. Amazing highlights of the fluid movements and rhythms are the result of traditional Malagasy music.

Traditional music usually accompanies traditional dance. It includes string, wind and percussion instruments. Frequently, African and Indian musical styles influence these musical forms. Unavoidable for traditional celebrations, the voatavo, the lokanga, the sodina, the drum, or the valiha, are used.

Sculpture and painting are also important arts in Malagasy culture. Malagasy artists have developed unique techniques to create works of art from local materials such as wood, stone and plant fibers.

Important in Malagasy culture, basketry and pottery are also developing technically. By creating works of art from local materials such as wood, vegetable fibers, stone, multitudes of works are created. Enjoy the basketry, an attractive product thanks to its colors and design. Art and beauty are joined together. Admire the pottery made with clay. Inherited from the Asian pottery, it presents unique and colorful pieces for your decoration.

Visit the original and exceptional cultural arts that will amaze you.

Zafimaniry art, being an architectural art, deserves to be treated individually. There are several variations, namely wooden houses without nails. Windows and doors carved with beautiful patterns symbolize the universe of the Zafimaniry. Their link with the environment, they figure them by rosettes. Wooden chests, armchairs, boxes for honey are added to these works of art.

Admire also, the royal tombs of the region of Toliara, being placed among the places of important cultural interest. Discover sculptures in stone, or in wood affixed on the tombs. Read the history of the deceased through these arts.

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