Typical Malagasy foods:


To speak of Madagascar is to include the originality of its culinary art. Conceived with research and details, this article will take you to the heart of the Malagasy cuisine. Discover the dishes that make the fame of the Red Island: beautiful surprises await you!

The most famous foods from Madagascar

The Rice

Le riz est l’aliment quotidien de base à Madagascar.  Bouilli, cuit avec de l’eau dans une marmite, le riz est servi mou et est consommé matin, midi et soir par la majorité de la population. En accompagnant le riz avec des légumes et de la viande, ou “laoka”, nous avons le plat principal des Malagasy. Laissez brûler le reste de riz amassé au fond de la marmite, ajoutez-y de l’eau et laissez chauffer. La boisson obtenue s’appelle “ranonapango” ou “ranovola”, un boisson de riz incontournable pour les repas Malagasy.

The “ravitoto sy henakisoa”

This dish is the fame of Madagascar. Unique, tasty, delicious, the « ravitoto » is a dish made of crushed cassava leaves. When cooking it, pieces of fatty pork or « henakisoa » are added to make it delicious. Accompany it with coconut, ginger, garlic to refine its taste or serve it plain. The dish of rice and « ravitoto sy henakisoa » would be better accompanied by rougail decorated with parsley.

The “romazava”

The « romazava » is an undisputed national dish and very appreciated by the Malagasy. Perfumed, slightly acid, the ingredients of this dish vary according to the region and the cook. Considering the original dish, the « romazava » is made of « anamalaho » or « brèdes mafana' », a kind of spinach very consumed in the Island. Simmer zebu meat with your « anamalaho » for a unique tasting mixture. Served to moisten the rice, the « romazava » is cooked with a lot of water.

The “koba”

Talata Volonondry , the famous Koba by Vivy Travel

The traditional Malagasy dessert and pastry specialty is called « koba ». Sweet, delicious, « koba » is a mixture of rice flour, sugar, crushed peanuts and bananas. Wrapped in banana leaves, the « koba » will be cooked in a container filled with water. Eat it hot with or without tea, it will satisfy you especially if you like sweetness! You can also add vanilla for more fragrance.

The « mokary »

The « mokary » is a cake originating from the North of Madagascar. White, round and domed, this speciality is made with white rice soaked in coconut milk. Being originally sweet, the « mokary » is taken with tea or coffee as breakfast. Note that in the Highlands, the coconut milk is replaced by water and it is called « mofo gasy ». Nowadays, the « mokary » has many variants and can be cooked salted.

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