Overcome local flight issues in Madagascar with our redefined offers.

Madagascar, as a standalone destination, is a country full of surprises where unexpected occurrences are commonplace, offering an adventure as enriching as it is occasionally frustrating. Today, Vivy Travel positions itself as your ally by offering solutions to overcome travel challenges in Madagascar. In recent years, the country has faced issues with local flights, including sudden cancellations or delays, not to mention exorbitant fares that significantly impact the cost of our journeys. In this article, we present some solutions that may meet your expectations.

Travel anywhere in Madagascar with our car rental offer

By offering a rental service with or without a driver, Vivy Travel provides you with a variety of 4×4 vehicles ideal for navigating the rough roads of Madagascar. This practice can significantly reduce the cost of your journey, as Vivy Travel only charges for the vehicle rental, with an additional fee for a driver if needed. With this service, you have access to well-maintained 4×4 vehicles that can be promptly replaced in case of technical issues (because we understand that nothing is flawless). We also offer organized itineraries tailored to your destination and activity preferences, along with travel insurance covering your local needs. Moreover, our assistance is available 24/7 in case of emergencies. Our drivers or tour guides, if you opt for this additional service, are all certified and ensure excellent value for money, thanks to their extensive knowledge of Madagascar.

Enjoy our holidays without the hassle of constant travel

At Vivy Travel, we put an end to the endless journey from point A to point B each day. Instead, we invite you to fully experience Madagascar and all its charm by reducing travel time and focusing on cherished moments, such as those spent in a national park. We firmly reject the idea of rushed trips where there’s no time to admire landscapes, meet locals, or enjoy nature. Not only is this approach highly detrimental to the environment, but it’s also exhausting. We prefer to take our time, one step at a time. Why rush to Ranomafana when you haven’t yet discovered all the wonders of Andasibe National Park? Why hasten your departure to Antsirabe when you haven’t explored the various cultural spectacles of Ambalavao? At Vivy Travel, traditions like Savika and Famadihana are integral to the authentic experience of traveling in Madagascar.

Join our group expeditions in our mountain-ready 4WD vehicles

Indeed, there are numerous alternatives to local flights in Madagascar; all it takes is a bit of creativity. Expeditions away from the usual tourist routes can be arranged, offering landscapes bursting with colors, national roads, and sandy tracks lined with cacti and baobabs. Let’s not forget the rugged national roads where the word « adventure » truly comes to life, crossing bridges, ferries, rivers, and villages of all kinds to reach destinations truly worth the journey. And to top it all off, a traditional camping night under the stars adds an extra touch of magic.

You may be wondering what the impact is on carbon emissions, given that this is a road trip.

It’s a valid question to which we attach great importance. At Vivy Travel, we are aware of our environmental responsibility. As mentioned earlier, we use well-maintained and environmentally-friendly vehicles. Moreover, we take environmental issues related to tourism seriously. Instead of solely relying on car travel, we offer a variety of travel activities such as cycling, hiking, and trekking, providing our clients with a wide range of options. Additionally, a portion of our travel profits is donated to associations working for environmental protection and conservation. Traveling by land, visiting villages along the way, also contributes to local development by stimulating economic activity and creating jobs that meet their needs. We also commit to offsetting our carbon emissions by participating in reforestation programs and supporting local ecological initiatives.

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