Qatar Airways Boosts Flights to Madagascar in a Move to Enhance Tourism

Antananarivo, 27 January 2024- Qatar Airways is set to increase its flights to Madagascar, boosting air connectivity and tourism. Under a new agreement, the airline will operate seven weekly flights to the island nation, with the aim of attracting a significant number of tourists and business travellers.

The expanded service is the result of a recent Memorandum of Understanding signed between Madagascar’s Civil Aviation Authority (ACM) and the Civil Aviation Authority of the State of Qatar. This agreement marks an important step in strengthening bilateral relations and improving Madagascar’s access to global markets.

Each flight is expected to carry around 300 passengers, offering a substantial increase in the number of visitors to Madagascar. This influx is expected to have a positive impact on the local tourism industry, which is a vital part of the country’s economy.

Madagascar, known for its unique wildlife and varied ecosystems, is a fast-growing tourist destination. The increase in Qatar Airways flights is seen as an opportunity to diversify the tourism base and promote Madagascar as a world-class tourist destination.

The introduction of these flights should also facilitate the establishment of better trade relations and strengthen cultural exchanges between Qatar and Madagascar, thereby consolidating their diplomatic and economic ties.

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