Travelling to Madagascar on a budget.

When you’re traveling to Madagascar on a budget, there are plenty of opportunities to explore while saving money. Recommendations on accommodation, means of transport, restaurants and free activities are all at your fingertips. You’ll have plenty of ideas for enjoying your trip without spending a fortune. However, there are a few safety rules to bear in mind.

Affordable accommodation for adventure without breaking the bank.

Suggestions for accessible accommodation are scattered throughout the regions of Madagascar. Be sure to research each region specifically to book in advance. These accommodation options may be limited during peak tourist season.

In Antananarivo, you’ll find guest houses such as Chez Jeanne, Chez Aina and Meva Guest House . Camping is less common here.

In Nosy Be : Les Dauphins de Nosy Be and Le Paradisa Kely hostels welcome you. Les Boucaniers Lodge, Les Tipaniers Lodge and Chez Claudie are just some of the guest houses available.

In Morondava : Le Sable d’or ,Le Trecicogne , Chez Maggie Hotel are excellent hotels that will welcome you with charm.

In Fort Dauphin : Babaomby Island Lodge, Chez Gaspard represent the inns. Le dauphin bleu and villa maro loko are guest houses.Camping is a viable option in this region.

In Antsiranana : inns such as villa créole and la petite traversée symbolize hostels. La belle aventure and Chez Olga are guest houses. Camping is possible, depending on the location.

Homestay can offer a more compelling experience. Be sure to contact your hosts in advance for arrangements and rates. You also have to respect the customs and rules of the house during your stay.

Unique Experiences at reasonable prices in addition to accommodation.

By following these tips, you can enjoy an authentic and enriching experience in Madagascar on a limited budget.

First and foremost, group organization gives you the opportunity to minimize expenses :

In small local restaurants called « hotely », dishes are affordable and tasty. Tourist restaurants are often more expensive.

Free or low-cost activities, such as hiking in the parks and magnificent beaches, are there for your enjoyment. You’ll also have the occasion to explore local markets and visit traditional villages. In markets and small stores, bargaining is commonplace. Haggling over prices is commonplace.

By exchanging currencies at the bank, or exchange bureaus, you get a better exchange rate.

To take advantage of competitive tour prices, we recommend organizing your trip outside the peak tourist season. But before your trip, you’ll need to draw up a strict budget to avoid overspending.

Budget Controlled, Safety Assured means exploring Madagascar with complete confidence.

  1. By keeping your valuables in a safe place, you can avoid trouble.
  2. On public transport, keep an eye on your luggage by using lockable bags.
  3. Stick to guaranteed areas, as some parts of Madagascar may be less safe for tourists.
  4. If possible, avoid travelling at night, when the road is less obvious.
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