Driving along Madagascar’s RN7 from Antananarivo to Ifaty

A road trip along Madagascar’s Route Nationale 7 (RN7) is a unique experience. Each relay leads to treasures. Spectacular landscapes, picturesque villages, access to national parks and encounters with local cultures are all on display. At every turn of this adventure, a new facet of this paradise unfolds. The heart of Madagascar is revealed.

Madagascar’s RN7, a path of cultural diversity in perpetual evolution.

Madagascar’s Deep South is a patchwork of cultures and traditions. The various stages along the RN7 expose you to a variety of ethnic groups. They all have their own customs, languages and ways of life, creating a colorful picture of cultural diversity.

Like the traditional wooden houses of the Zafimaniry people in Ambositra.

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The specific religious and funerary practices of each ethnic group, such as the sacred tombs typical of the South at Ilakaka. The Mahafaly tombs, with their wooden sculptures recounting the history of the deceased.


The Deep South is also home to museums showcasing the region’s history and culture. In the town of Ranohira, near Isalo National Park, a museum houses displays on the park’s history, fauna and geology. The Rabesandratana Oceanographic Museum in Ifaty, a stopover on the coast, exhibits marine flora and fauna. You can also learn about the culture of coastal communities.

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RN7 is also the route to many local festivals and celebrations. Encounters with local people allow you to understand their way of life, taste their cuisine and witness traditional dances and ceremonies. These cultural exchanges make your trip even more enriching.

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Authentic Craftsmanship, revealing the artistic culture of the Malagasy, follows the RN7. At each stopover, you can discover craft workshops where local artisans practice their ancestral skills: from marquetry to woodcarving in Ambositra, embroidery and confectionery in Antsirabe, Antemoro papers in Ambalavao, mohair carpets in Ampanihy.

Madagascar’s unique landscapes on the RN7

The RN7 passes through regions of incredible biodiversity. It provides access to areas rich in flora and fauna. Local guides and eco-guides provide information on Madagascar’s biodiversity. This helps you understand the impact of the environment on the culture and lives of the local people.

  • You’ll have the perfect opportunity to meet lemurs, Madagascar’s emblematic primates.
  • The Anja park in Ambalavao is a great place to spot ring-tailed lemurs.
  • Ranomafana National Park is home to species such as the Indri, Madagascar’s largest lemur.
  • In Tuléar’s Benrenty reserve, you’ll be tangling with ring-tailed lemurs.
  • A must on your trip along the RN7 is the Isalo National Park. This park boasts unique geological formations and a variety of fauna and flora specific to this region.
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