Kivalo, an Ecological Village Looking Towards the Future Amidst Climate Change

In the fight against climate change, the village of Kivalo, located about a dozen kilometers north of Morondava, is betting on ecotourism. Animated by Reggae music and driving their iconic Volkswagen Combi, the eco-guides of Kivalo invite visitors to explore the natural riches of their region, especially the fascinating mangroves that border their village.

These visits, focused on observing the specific fauna and flora of this ecosystem (such as aquatic birds and mouse lemurs), also offer the opportunity to meet local residents and discover their activities, like organic honey production.

By doing so, Kivalo places ecotourism at the heart of its strategies to adapt to climate change, thus contributing to the preservation of the ecological balance of the Menabe region.

Ecotourism in Kivalo plays a key role in enhancing the value of the villages in the Tsiribihina delta and raising awareness of the crucial importance of mangroves. By providing employment opportunities to local guides, trained by the Association of Accredited Guides of Morondava, this initiative promotes environmental awareness among both villagers and visitors.

The infrastructure developed to support this activity, such as the welcome chalet, rest areas and camping sites, as well as ecological restrooms, reflect the community’s commitment to responsible tourism.

Today, Vivy Travel is committed to offering thematic tours that include visits to the village of Kivalo, after those to Kirindy National Park. This approach supports the local population’s commitment to developing ecotourism in their region. Therefore, we invite you to join us for tours focused on culture and village discovery, designed to enrich your travel experience while positively contributing to the local community.

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