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Masoala National Park, A land and sea park.

On the Masoala Peninsula, accessible only from Maroantsetra, the Masoala National Park, the largest in Madagascar, generates considerable tourist interest. Bounded by the Indian Ocean to the east and Antongil Bay to the west, this park is surrounded by several protected areas. By combining the Masoala National Park with the Nosy Mangabe Special Reserve in the bay, the largest natural protected area on the island is obtained, totaling an area of ​​240,520 hectares. The Masoala National Park is one of six national parks on the east coast, all listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites under the name "Rainforests of the Atsinanana" since 2010

Isalo National Park : An exceptional park to discover.

Located in the southwestern part of Madagascar, Isalo National Park is classified among exceptional parks. Established in 1962, this park's purpose is to protect the biodiversity and stunning landscapes offered by its rocky plateaus. It reflects a strong commitment to the conservation of fauna and flora, and the sustainable development of the region. Isalo National Park, situated more precisely in the Ihorombe region, covers an area of approximately 815 km². It showcases a great diversity of landscapes, including canyons, cliffs, various rock formations, rivers, and waterfalls. This park is also renowned for its flora and fauna, consisting of lemurs, birds, and reptiles endemic to the island. Hiking trails will allow you to explore the park and enjoy spectacular views of the vast landscapes.

The Andasibe-Mantadia National Park : a magical haven of nature

Nestled in the East of Madagascar, the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park stands as a true natural treasure, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the heart of tropical biodiversity. Renowned for its remarkable fauna and flora, this verdant haven is a prime destination for nature enthusiasts and adventurers seeking wild encounters. In this article, Vivy Travel unveils all the essential details for a memorable visit to this exceptional park.

Overcome local flight issues in Madagascar with our redefined offers.

Madagascar, as a standalone destination, is a country full of surprises where unexpected occurrences are commonplace, offering an adventure as enriching as it is occasionally frustrating. Today, Vivy Travel positions itself as your ally by offering solutions to overcome travel challenges in Madagascar. In recent years, the country has faced issues with local flights, including sudden cancellations or delays, not to mention exorbitant fares that significantly impact the cost of our journeys. In this article, we present some solutions that may meet your expectations.

Where to go camping in Madagascar?

Although camping is a very popular activity in Europe and the rest of the world, it is not often expected to be found in Madagascar. There is a regrettable habit of thinking that the large island does not offer many activities outside of conventional tourist sites. However, in recent years, outdoor camping has been gaining popularity in Madagascar. Today, several national parks are opening camping areas in collaboration with local guide associations or community groups. This development allows for combining camping stays with various outdoor activities.

Why is solidarity travel so important for Madagascar?

Madagascar, yes, Madagascar, an island of a thousand natural and cultural treasures, where the famous "mora mora « where everything is at a slow pace » reigns, a country that boasts exceptional richness, but also profound social and economic challenges, with more than half of the population in Madagascar living below the poverty line. In this context, solidarity travel emerges as much more than a mere tourist experience; it is a true lever for sustainable development and human solidarity for this island nation. By immersing oneself in local communities and actively engaging in support projects, solidarity travel offers an opportunity to discover the true essence of Madagascar while contributing to its flourishing. In this article, we will explore the crucial importance of solidarity travel for Madagascar, highlighting its positive impacts on both local populations and the environment.

Do you know Mantasoa : The Legacy of Jean Laborde

Mantasoa, located about sixty kilometers from Antananarivo, is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway. It is a true haven of peace, where tranquility and serenity reign, inviting rest and relaxation. This charming locality bears the traces of Madagascar's first industrial revolution. Today, it is transforming into an open-air museum, preserving the legacy of Jean Laborde, its creator. The artificial lake, the wooden house, the tomb, and the old buildings and furnaces constitute the elements of this historical setting, plunging us into the glorious past of this region.

Can renting a car with or without a driver be beneficial in Madagascar?

Renting a car in Madagascar can significantly impact the cost and experience of your trip. Whether you opt for a rental with or without a driver, each of these options offers distinct advantages that can influence your travel budget in different ways. This article explores why car rental, in either configuration, can be a smart strategy for saving money while making the most of the island of Madagascar.