A new tourist route on the RN1 to showcase local crafts?

The latest news: Madagascar’s Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts is planning to set up a ‘Handicrafts Route’ along the busy Route Nationale 1, which runs from Antananarivo to Tsiroanomandidy, via Arivonimamo and Miarinarivo, all the way to Ampefy. The aim of this initiative is to promote the exceptional work of local craftsmen on this road, which is very popular with both national and international tourists.

According to Joël Randriamandranto, the current Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, the RN1 corridor is one of the most visited in central Madagascar, attracting many tourists who travel to Ampefy to discover its renowned waterfalls and geysers. The Ministry’s strategy focuses on creating market opportunities, training craftsmen and improving access to raw materials.

During a recent visit to Imerintsiatosika on this route, Minister Randriamandranto visited a workshop specialising in the processing of zebu horns, demonstrating the government’s commitment to working directly with local artisans and meeting the challenges facing the craft sector.

 In any case, this is excellent news, as this new tourist circuit will not just be a route, but an insight into Madagascar’s craft heritage. It will enable tourists, both local and international, to learn more about the island’s cultural and craft traditions.

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