We encourage sustainable practices

We have to stand together.

We favor sustainable tourist accommodations :

We carefully select eco-friendly accommodations, such as guest houses, unusual sites, campsites and luxury hotels. We evaluate them according to strict criteria, covering the reduction of their ecological impact, energy and waste management. What’s more, we favor partnerships with accommodations that promote catering based on local produce and short supply chains. Our commitment also translates into raising our travelers’ awareness of responsible behavior during their stay, by offering them services and information to reduce their environmental footprint. The aim is to offer responsible travel while preserving the planet.

Waste management, the practice of Recycling :

Beyond the selection of sustainable accommodation. We integrate a holistic approach by recycling to reduce waste. Used paper waste is transformed into reusable craft products, helping to reduce our environmental footprint. Similarly, we transform plastic waste into handcrafted products, helping to promote a circular economy. By offering recycled handicrafts as gifts or souvenirs for our customers, we raise awareness of both the reuse of materials and the preservation of the environment.

We offset our carbon footprint :

We take active steps to offset our carbon footprint by working closely with non-governmental organizations and associations at national level. Through voluntary funding, we support ecological projects aimed at reducing or even avoiding greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, we are involved in awareness-raising and environmental protection initiatives. This awareness-raising aims to inform the public about ecological issues, while our support for environmental preservation activities helps to protect biodiversity and local ecosystems.

Why visit Madagascar with Vivy?

Responsible Tours

We really want to support local development and environmental protection through our activities.

Specialized Guides

Our private and specialized guides are carefully selected to offer you exceptional and unforgettable experiences.

Bespoke services

Our luxury and private tours are designed specifically for you, and your needs. Flexible for any changes on your part.

Local experts

We are composed of a team of young people 100% Malagasy who all have an excellent knowledge of Madagascar.