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Mianala, which means “to go into the forest,” is a travel program created by Vivy Travel focusing solely on outdoor camping activities, offering nature getaways in some of Madagascar’s most exceptional locations. We emphasize lesser-known national parks and reserves on the island, combining activities such as hiking, trekking, and expeditions ranging from short to long duration. Our vision is to promote local development by participating in activities offered by local populations and village communities living near or within the parks.

For all travelers, our goal is simple: to provide extraordinary experiences in Madagascar. Instead of straightforward itineraries from point A to point B, we prioritize camping vacations in the heart of nature to escape and fully experience adventure.

We are also aware of the current degradation of national parks caused by mass tourism in the most popular areas. That’s why in our offerings, we exclusively select national parks less known to the general public, where peace, tranquility, and total environmental protection still prevail.

What we offer :

Open-air camping: We provide open-air camping experiences in Madagascar’s national parks. And you may be wondering what options we offer in areas where traditional campsites are unavailable. In such cases, we offer accommodation with local residents or in eco-friendly lodges, which may differ significantly from the standards found in urban areas, but where you’re certain to enjoy a memorable experience.

Customized activities : Whether it’s trekking, hiking, wildlife watching, or cultural encounters, every day brings a multitude of experiences to enrich your stay in the parks. These experiences are accompanied by a breath of fresh air, far from the polluted areas of big cities.

Discover authentic Malagasy cuisine! Since camping is our primary activity, your meals will be prepared by locals who will accompany you during your stay. They mainly consist of fresh produce prepared according to local traditions, typically featuring a variety of vegetables and meats in the Malagasy style.

Participating in conservation and environmental protection initiatives: By adopting more environmentally-friendly practices and staying in carefully selected parks, you actively contribute to conservation and environmental protection projects while also supporting the local economy.

Experienced local guides: Throughout all your activities, you will be accompanied by experienced guides, all certified in wildlife observation in Madagascar. They will provide comprehensive insights into the species present at each location you visit and can assist you if you wish to delve deeper into discoveries and investigations.

A more than professional team :

Vivy with local community

In collaboration with Local Community, we are assembling a team of local experts specialized in outdoor Camping. We enlist local guides with profound knowledge of camping areas, village associations dedicated to fostering a fair local economy, and regional welcome centers for homestays. These establishments promote cultural exchanges and interaction with locals, providing an enriching and authentic experience.

Why you should choose Mianala :

Fewer car journeys: Mianala adopts a strategic approach to selecting its campsites, prioritising those accessible on foot or by alternative means of transportation. This strategy aims to minimise reliance on car travel to reach the campsites. Moreover, the company actively advocates for the use of sustainable modes of transport such as walking, cycling, or public transportation whenever feasible. By optimising its routes, Mianala minimises unnecessary car trips, promoting a more responsible and environmentally-friendly approach. Additionally, by collaborating with local partners dedicated to developing sustainable transport solutions, Mianala contributes to promoting eco-friendly practices at the community level.

Trips that can be less expensive: By choosing camping as the main form of accommodation during your stay and limiting unnecessary long journeys, you can optimise the overall cost of your trip to Madagascar. This approach allows Mianala to offer trips  at competitive rates, making travel experiences more affordable for customers. Savings made on accommodation and transport can be reinvested in other activities or experiences during the trip, offering added value to participants.

Community and cultural meeting: Community and cultural encounters are integral to the Mianala experience. By fostering these exchanges, the company provides travellers with the chance to explore local life and fully engage with Malagasy culture. These encounters allow participants to forge genuine connections with locals, share moments of camaraderie, and gain insights into the traditions, customs, and ways of life of the local community.Mianala is dedicated to promoting a respectful and equitable approach to these interactions, collaborating with village associations and regional visitor centres. These partnerships contribute to local economic development and enhance the bond between travellers and host communities.

Specialised activities and total immersion in nature: Mianala’s primary focus is on wildlife expeditions, providing immersive experiences such as birdwatching, lemur watching, trekking, hiking, and much more. These specialised activities are crafted to allow participants to fully appreciate Madagascar’s remarkable biodiversity, accompanied by experienced local guides with profound knowledge of the region and its natural habitats.By emphasising these specialised activities, Mianala enables nature and ecology enthusiasts to savour unforgettable experiences while also contributing to the conservation and protection of the local environment.