Reducing our carbon footprint

We also want to change the world

We take initiatives :

Climate change in Madagascar in recent years has raised our awareness of the impact of our tourism activity on the island. At Vivy Travel, we are aware that our activities contribute to these changes. Despite the challenges of long-distance travel and the difficulties of introducing environmentally-friendly vehicles, we are forcing ourselves to take action.
We are currently implementing systems such as: the use of low-carbon emission vehicles, encouraging travel outside overcrowded areas, so we are committed to offering eco-responsible tour experiences. Our aim is to discover Madagascar without damaging its fragile climate and ecosystems, because preserving this natural wealth for future generations is our priority as a company.

Reducing our carbon footprint :

Our first commitment to reducing our carbon footprint is to use fuel-efficient vehicles, thus limiting the production of pollutants such as CO2. This approach enables us to minimize our environmental impact when organizing trips to Madagascar. By avoiding long-distance travel wherever possible, we reduce not only fuel consumption, but also vehicle wear and tear, thus contributing to a smaller environmental footprint.
However, our approach goes beyond simply using fuel-efficient vehicles. We also attach particular importance to the regular maintenance of our vehicle fleet. This not only ensures the safety of our passengers, but also contributes to the cleanliness and efficiency of our vehicles. Well-maintained vehicles consume less fuel, reduce harmful emissions and offer a more reliable and comfortable experience. What’s more, the use of fuel-efficient vehicles enables us to rationalize our operating costs, which can eventually translate into more competitive prices for our customers while ensuring sustainable, environmentally-friendly exploration.

Encouraging trips outside overcrowded areas :

We plan our trips carefully, consciously avoiding overcrowded tourist areas. By adjusting our itineraries, we offer alternative, less crowded routes, preserving the authenticity of the visits we offer. This approach allows our customers to enjoy more intimate and exclusive travel experiences. By avoiding crowded areas, we reduce pressure on the local environment, preserving the natural beauty of the places we visit. In this way, we offer vacations free from the worries of crowds, traffic jams, etc…

Why visit Madagascar with Vivy?

Responsible Tours

We really want to support local development and environmental protection through our activities.

Specialized Guides

Our private and specialized guides are carefully selected to offer you exceptional and unforgettable experiences.

Bespoke services

Our luxury and private tours are designed specifically for you, and your needs. Flexible for any changes on your part.

Local experts

We are composed of a team of young people 100% Malagasy who all have an excellent knowledge of Madagascar.