Madagascar for Solo Travelers

Meet new people

If you’re traveling alone and looking for new destinations, you should definitely consider Madagascar. Little known to the general public, this island offers a perfect fit for solo travelers looking for unique destinations far removed from routine. Its environment will provide you with the perfect integrity to meet your quests and needs.

Madagascar for Solo Travelers

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If you like to travel the world alone and are looking for more intense travel experiences, Madagascar also has its share of adventures in store for solo travelers. This vast island is full of surprises and unexpected discoveries. Thanks to its cultural diversity and warm, welcoming people, you’ll feel right at home.
If you’d like to get away from it all and enjoy unique experiences outside your comfort zone, Madagascar’s national parks offer plenty of ways to enjoy its endemic flora and fauna. What’s more, you’ll meet new people and discover unusual ways of life. The many ethnic groups living around Madagascar’s national parks still retain their authenticity, far removed from industrial developments.

Security, support and flexibility

It’s true that setting off into unknown territory alone can sometimes be dangerous, and we take your concerns fully into account. That’s why we’re committed to assisting you from the very beginning of your trip planning right through to the end of your stay in Madagascar. We’ll provide all the information you need to make your tour run smoothly, interactive assistance if you need it, Madagascar travel insurance covering all your local activities, professional certified guides to accompany you throughout your stay, and a flexible itinerary to accommodate any last-minute adjustments you may make according to travel conditions.
And for those who want to interact directly with the local population, your guide will take it upon himself to teach you as you go along, the practices of each ethnic group, the “Fady” or taboos, and the languages spoken on a daily basis. Your guide can also act as your personal photographer, if you wish.

Tours to suit your budget

If the cost of your trip is one of your priorities, don’t worry! Our tailor-made trips are perfectly suited to the budget you’ve set for your stay in Madagascar. What’s more, our assistance service will be able to advise you on tips and tricks to reduce your expenses while making the most of your trip.
So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to start planning your Madagascar adventure.