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A small wild duck

The name “Vivy” is basically inspired by a small wild duck known as “Tsiriry” or “Vivy” which means water bird. This wild duck is characterized by its sociable manner and its tendency to gather in groups around a lake, in the middle of nature. A quality that perfectly reflects the essence of our company, which aims to bring together travelers around authentic experiences, in harmony with the nature and culture of Madagascar.
The bird is as much symbolized by the famous Malagasy proverb “Tsy mba tsiriry vorona anie aho, ka hanifi-drano dia lasa, fa tsiriry ahitra, miorimpaka amin’ ny tany mando dia maitso”, which can be translated : “I’m not the Tsiriry bird, which flies away and of which there is nothing left, but the Tsiriry grass, which clings to the earth, growing on wet and green soil”.A homonym used to compare a temporary property to a durable one. And it’s from this character of solidity that Vivy Travel was also inspired, because even being a young shoot of grass, the company will take root, grow and last on the long term in spite of any obstacle.

Sustainable Tour Operator

Created in 2019, we’re a Tour Operator committed to following the principles of sustainable development. Indeed, we attach great importance to the preservation of the environment and the culture of Madagascar. Therefore, we do our best to minimize our environmental impact. The company selects its service providers based on their commitment to sustainable development.

Our team is made up of young people who are 100% Malagasy, who love challenges and want to bring change to Madagascar. We’re dedicated to promoting an unique and authentic destination while respecting the natural and cultural resources of the country. And we contribute to the social and economic improvement.

Green and Humanity

VGH is a green association created by Vivy Travel. The association’s objectives are to protect the environment and to carry out humanitarian actions in order to contribute to a better world.
To achieve these goals, Vivy Green and Humanity relies on the financial resources of the company Vivy Travel, which contributes a part of its earnings to the association. This contribution allows the association to carry out concrete environmental and humanitarian projects, such as reforestation and environmental protection awareness.

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Why visit Madagascar with Vivy?


We really want to support local development and environmental protection through our activities.

Specialized Guides

Our private and specialized guides are carefully selected to offer you exceptional and unforgettable experiences.

Bespoke services

Our luxury and private tours are designed specifically for you, and your needs. Flexible for any changes on your part.

Local experts

We are composed of a team of young people 100% Malagasy who all have an excellent knowledge of Madagascar.