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Madagascar's lemurs

Lemurs are primates found only in Madagascar. They are distinguished by their large, expressive eyes.

Madagascar's birds

Madagascar is home to more than 280 species of birds, although not as many as in other countries. 

Whale watching

One of the island’s most emblematic phenomena, blending nature and culture. 

Madagascar's carnivores

Madagascar, an island renowned for its biodiversity, is home to an exceptional variety of carnivores.

When to visit Madagascar

Knowing when to visit Madagascar is crucial for your travel experience.

Learning Malagasy

Learning the Malagasy language can be a useful way of communicating.

Getting on well with the Malagasy people

It’s also important to get along well with the local population.

The Fady to respect in Madagascar

Fady or taboos play an important role in Madagascan society.

Public Transport in Madagascar

Madagascar has different types of public transport that could be useful to you.

Accommodation in Madagascar

Madagascar has a wide range of accommodation to cater for all tastes.

The payment options

Payment options in Madagascar are very limited. 

The Tromba ceremony

A popular traditional custom and ritual still practised in Madagascar today, especially in the north-west and south.

Entry formalities

To enter Madagascar, certain formalities are required for all types of traveller.

Supporting conservation

It’s really important to support conservation in Madagascar.

Ultimate guide for Nosy Be

some tips and advice for travelling to Nosy Be.

Ultimate guide for Antsiranana

some tips and advice for travelling to Antsaranana (Diégo Suarez) .

The Makay Massif

A must-see site in Madagascar, for those who like to walk in the heart of nature.