Flights operating in Madagascar : International flight information

Madagascar is a popular tourist destination. Lovers of tourism from all over the world dream of visiting and revisiting it. As it is an island, sea and air are the only ways to get there. The latter is, of course, ideal for tourists. It’s just as important to know which airlines connect where you’re from and where you want to go, as it is to know which hotels you want to stay in.

Madagascar is served by several airlines, both local and foreign.

Airlines connecting France and Madagascar

If you’re in the vicinity of France and decide to go to Madagascar for your summer vacations or days off, you can choose between the following airlines. The first is Air Madagascar, followed by Air France, then KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and finally Delta Air Lines of the USA. What they all have in common is that they offer direct flights from Paris to Antananarivo. Flight times vary, but generally last around ten hours. Discovering new landscapes is always a pleasure, so if you’re taking a flight to explore and experience new horizons, why not make a little detour, even if Madagascar is your final destination? Apart from the four airlines operating direct flights from Paris to Antananarivo, there are others offering the same route with stopovers. First of all, there’s Ethiopian Airlines, which flies via its hub in Addis Ababa; then there’s Turkish Airlines, which operates the Paris-Antananarivo route via its hubs in Istanbul and Mauritius. After that we have Air Mauritius, which makes its stopover at its hub in Mauritius. A stopover in Réunion Island awaits you if you take the trip with Air Austral; finally, you’ll pass through the hub in Nairobi by choosing Kenya Airways. It’s up to you to decide whether your trip should be direct or with a stopover. What’s more, the variety of ticket prices depends on the type of flight you choose. A direct flight between Paris and Antananarivo can cost 900€, and this price can go up to 1000€ and more, depending on the period. Flights with stopovers cost less than 800€.

The same companies with different departure points

Paris-Antananarivo is not the only route served by these airlines. There are other departure and arrival points. Air Madagascar, for example, can fly from Marseille or Saint-Denis (La Réunion) to Antananarivo. Here are some other flights operated by the airlines we have just mentioned. Air Mauritius connects Port-Louis on Mauritius with Antananarivo. Air Austral serves other cities in Madagascar: Tamatave, Tulear and Nosy Be, departing from Saint-Denis in France. You can fly from Addis Ababa to Antananarivo or Nosy Be with Ethiopian Airlines. Kenya Airways offers flights from Nairobi to Antananarivo. Istanbul can be a point of departure and not just a stopover, and this trip, whose destination is Antananarivo, is always operated by Turkish Airlines.This covers the airlines previously mentioned, but apart from them, there are other flights that may be of interest to you, such as LOT Polish Airlines’ flight from Warsaw to Nosy Be, or Neos Air’s crossing from Milan to Antsiranana, Nosy Be and Majunga, or Corsair’s flights from Orly and Saint-Denis to Antananarivo. There’s also Ewa Air between Madagascar and Dzaoudzi.

Flights from the United States and China

Those flying from the USA can choose between the following airlines and airports. For Air France, you can choose between JFK John F. Kennedy and LAX Los Angeles. If you choose Delta Air Lines, your flights will depart from Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta. Apart from these airlines, African airlines such as Kenya Airways, South African Airways and Ethiopian Airlines connect the USA and Madagascar, but flights depend on circumstances. These four airlines currently only offer indirect flights with varying frequencies.

The Madagascar-China route is operated by three airlines: Air Austral, Air Mauritius, Ethiopian Airlines and Air Madagascar. The latter operates the Guangzhou-Antananarivo route.

Qatar Airways will soon complete this list of airlines serving Madagascar, making your choice of flight even wider.

Whatever airline or type of flight you choose for your next trip, you won’t be disappointed, because “time is money”. You pay more for a direct flight, but in return you save time or pay less and discover new lands, even if only through the window of your plane. It’s a win-win situation: you either save time or money” so the choice is yours!

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