Miavana Time and Tide

A 5-star luxury hotel

Since 2014, with its five (5) stars, Hôtel Miavana has been offering an unrivalled quality of service to enjoy the beauty of Madagascar, one of the riches of the African continent. To make the most of it, let’s head for the north-west of the island, taking the National Road Five (RN5a) to Vohemar, its host district. Miavana Hotel and Nosy Ankao is an adventure to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. It’s an opportunity for ecotourism enthusiasts to rub shoulders with the 360 hectares of primary forest on the islet and the 15,000 hectares of marine heritage that form an integral part of the hotel. We can say that our experience with nature is assured, as we meet the flora and fauna of this part of the Big Island. Aside from that, luxury is also on the agenda, if we’re talking about the quality of the fourteen (14) villas that our dear host offers us to spend our stays relaxing and discovering.

A hotel meeting international standards

International-standard accommodation, worthy of the finest tourist establishments in Africa, especially if we’re talking about the ecolodges offered to hotel guests. Tourists have plenty of choice in terms of accommodation, and can expect a highly satisfactory service in terms of catering. It’s fair to say that the quality of Miavana Hotel’s gastronomic dishes and services meets international standards and customer demand. By offering a variety of menus and fresh seafood, Miavana assures tourists a culinary journey through dishes and culinary arts that illustrate the local cultural identity.

That’s why you should choose Miavana Hotel over other hotels to make the most of your vacation, but some of the assets of this wonderful Malagasy establishment are still to be discovered. Miavana offers ultra-luxury lodges that meet the demands of today’s clients, with value for money to satisfy both national and international tourists. Miavana sets itself apart from the competition by offering a policy of luxury and satisfaction, while offering the privilege of a tourist stay in a simple setting. Calm and friendly, the rooms are decorated in bright, eye-catching colors to reflect the image of Madagascar as a destination.

Located on a private island

Miavana Hotel is also located on a private island, an exclusive refuge in the heart of a wild paradise where you can meet endemic Malagasy species. Tourists can set off in search of the island’s natural treasures, with a wealth of biodiversity to discover. The location of Miavana Hotel is a natural sanctuary where almost 90% of the fauna and flora within this reserve is exclusively perceptible.

We’ve already mentioned apprehension and discovery, but on the beach or in the private swimming pool at Miavana Hotel, moments of relaxation are more than welcome. After the torments and efforts of the working world, you’re rewarded with a moment of fun and well-being under the Ankao sun.

Sustainable development

But the most important thing is yet to come, given that all these offers respect the standards of sustainable tourism and social and environmental responsibility (SER). In addition to being one of the driving forces behind local development in this part of Madagascar through the offers and activities it proposes, Miavana Hotel offers its customers a hotel structure that has passed the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). They were able to acquire the permit and environmental discharge issued by the Madagascan National Environment Office (ONE), certifying Miavana Hotel’s environmental validation.

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